Karma Decoded

Karma Decoded

What is karma?

Karma is action. Actions are pivotal to life governance. It includes all the actions we perform through mind, body and speech. A reliable means devised by the super-consciousness for our spiritual evolution. Whatever you experience in the present life are all the fruits of your inner intents and that of the past lives. Daily activities such as going to work, helping others, good deeds, charity, etc. also describe karma in general.

Nature of our karma

We all understand doing action is karma. Mere doing is not action. The intent behind every action is important. Akarma is opposite means non-action, i.e. an egoless action without the identification of “I have done it” just action remains and Vikarma (negative karma). Life and living are almost tantamount to doing good karmas.

Different karmas and what do they mean

We, humans, are endowed with the choice of action. Purushartha or choices of present actions determine your future.

Sanchitta Karma-This is like a bank account that holds accumulated past karmas waiting to come to realisation. Sanchitta is a consolidated bank account of every single action you have done, in all the lifetimes. These unresolved past karmas/actions waiting to reach manifestation or resolution.

Parabda Karma-This life you lead or present actions that you are performing now in this lifetime.

Kriyamana or Agami Karma– Future actions which will result from your current actions are agami karma. In the present lifetime, as you attempt to resolve your past karma, you inevitably will create new karmas. If you are unable to resolve them in the present life, they will all go into the bank account (Sanchitta Karma) to be determined in a future life.

So lay focus on Parabda Karma since “Watch your thoughts; for they become words. Watch your words; for they become actions. Watch your actions; for they become habits. Watch your habits; for they become the character. Watch your character for it will become your destiny!”

Emancipation from karma

Akarma helps bring about freedom from karmas. This can be achieved by full devotion and surrender to the will of God or super-consciousness. You only have a right to do your duty with non-attachment to its results.

Devotion and faith towards God bring about the ability to do good deeds. Also, the voice of conscience (Vivek buddhi) can be experienced that is our inbuilt system governing the right from the wrong. Given any situation, it will guide you to do the right action.

Super-consciousness or God’s grace is limitless when your faith and devotion is strong it imbibes an inner strength that helps to tolerate the present life suffering.

A significant aspect of karma is the attitude with which one goes about doing one’s duty. Irrespective of your past, choose to be a bit better and nobler today.

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