Keeping calm in the digital era


I talked to this mother whose son is in the UK, alone by himself and infected with the coronavirus. She is sitting in India, all anxious, terrified and too nervous. She was expressing her thoughts to me that, “Why can’t the children be happy here in India? We are so worried what he will be doing by himself? Now he is ill with coronavirus, and I am stressed and helpless and do not know what to do?” All kinds of gadgets, gizmos and digital phones in this market. He got me these iPhones and all are tough to understand and operate for me at my age. I can’t operate the TV remote properly and all this is also making me worrisome.

I reminded her that after her marriage, she was also very far away from her parents. Pacified her and told her to relax and that if you panic and remain fearful, nothing good will come of it.

Remember lock down is over and not the pandemic. People either tend to panic or the callousness of “nothing unfortunate can or will happen to me” – with this attitude, you could endanger everyone’s life. If we do not provide facility for the viruses to travel from us to someone else, we can limit them. Keeping yourself healthy and uninfected is the greatest thing that you can do right now.

I understand the struggles that folks who are dear to you are away, particularly in a place going through the throes of infection and so numerous deaths per day. Mothers will be particularly concerned, but you will not solve any problem by worrying yourself about sickness and panicking. Digital obsession and numbers without verification can increase our troubles.

I would advise her; please do not multiply negative thoughts in your mind. There are enough number of problems’ in the world already. Let us see how to minimise problems for ourselves and people around us.

Keep Calm and Stay Healthy in this digital era.

In India, 1.5 billion people, and this is not the time to fight the virus by worrying or getting scared about the digital numbers. Learn to cope and take precautions. Have faith and keep doing your duties.

Learn to be independent. Make friends with the digital phone, so communication with your loved one is going smooth.

Be happy around them. Science has proven that when a person is happy and contented, happy hormones are released, which boosts the immune system.

When someone is infected, call the medical professionals they will do what they have to fight the COVID virus in their bodies. But the most significant thing right now is to ensure that there is no seat for the virus to anchor in your body and to travel further, ensure you keep social distance, and maintain separation from people.

Some helpful tips that will help reduce stress and panic in this digital era and boost our immune systems.

  • Keep up your practices of yoga. We can do relaxing asanas like Shavasana, Institutes Anitya Bhavana, and pranayama’s to keep calm and boost our immune system.
  • We have lots of Khada recipes to help you keep calm and stay fit in this digital era.
  • Eat Sattvic foods and take all steps to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • If your near and dear ones are away, keep your phone charged and fix the time to talk to them.
  • When you meet them over the phone, share jokes and happy moments, which can help.
  • Eat on time, and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Yoga says fill half stomach with solid foods, one-fourth with liquid foods, and one-fourth should be kept empty for digestion.
  • Cover your nose and mouth; do not roam around without masks.
  • Help each other and your neighbors during these difficult times.
  • Do little things in a big way. Smile and help with small things. Pick up a hobby; learn something new, sign up for some digital class. Spend time in the company of your family or whosoever is with you right now.

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