Knee Pain and Yoga

Knee Pain and Yoga Asanas

Suffering from joint and knee pain? You have by now tried everything from medicines to physiotherapy but without any success?

Have you thought of trying out few simple yoga asana that can be easily done from the comfort of your own home and help you to manage the knee pain better? Well…read on

Common causes and disorders associated with knee pain includes-

  • Rupture ligament the knee
  • Knee bone degeneration due to old age and/or lack of proper diet
  • Over use of drugs like steroids
  • Knee stiffness and swelling
  • Chondromalacia patella a condition which is caused by irritation in the cartilage below the knee cap. Commonly known as a runner’s knee.
  • Housemaid’s knee or Bursitis– This is the most common form of localized inflammation of the knee joint. Mostly, a swelling or grapefruit sized lump seen below the skin near to the knee joint. Mainly caused due to repeated exertion on the knees by frequent kneeling down action.

Knee and knee joints can be compared to harder working shock-absorbers. Few simple yoga asanas or Yoga exercises helps to ease the pressure and keep knee problems at bay. “Prevention is better than cure!”

Note: Before you begin these yoga exercises consult your doctor and perform under supervision of experienced yoga teacher for best results.

Do it yourself (DIY) simple stretches or warm up exercises that help relieve knee pain

  • Moving toes inward and outward lying on the back (Can be done on your bed)
  • Rotate your ankle clockwise and anti-clockwise few times
  • Bend your knees and flex your heels in and out (Can be easily done sitting on a chair)
  • Bend one of your knee and keep the other leg parallel
  • Lifting of the knee up and down- keeping a pillow just beneath it

Trikonasana (Triangle pose)

The Triangle pose helps by strengthening the legs, knees and ankles. Provides full stretch and helps open up the hamstrings, hips and groin. This yoga pose has dual advantage -it relieves sciatica pain (lower back pain relief) and eases the pressure from the knees. Helpful pose to get rid of stress as well. Find out how to do this asana …Watch the video

Ustrasana (Camel pose)

This pose is very effective to improve spine flexibility and relieve pain in knee caused due to lower back ache. It will open up your upper chest and strengthen the back and shoulders. Helps to relieve menstrual aches and pains and calm you down.

For beginners camel pose can be conveniently done by placing your hands on your hips instead of holding them close to your heels. Keep bending back slowly without any jerks till you feel a stretch on your back.

Apart from these asana following asana helps relieve knee pain

  • Tadasana
  • Pavanmuktasana
  • Makrasana
  • Ekpadhastasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Setu Bandhasana
  • Dhanurasana

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