Namami Health Retreat and a Wellness Sanctuary

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”

The Yoga Institute with its aim to spread the knowledge of Yoga to all, has been instrumental in bringing about a positive change worldwide, for over 102 years. To continue the same and be the torchbearer and together with a common belief of imparting the knowledge thoughtfully, we present to you, Namami Health Retreat and a Wellness Sanctuary.


Namami Health Retreat is a unique luxury retreat located on the banks of Periyar River and nestled amidst Malayattoor Hills and Forest. Namami a Sanskrit word that literally translates to “Prayer To God or I Bow To You” is spread across 9 acres of lush tropical landscapes in Gods own country- Kerala. The closest wellness retreat to Cochin International Airport, is dedicated to awakening all of one’s senses with the instinctively calming fragrance of the forests, while inwardly retuning to the inspiring sounds of birds, natural flowing waters, wholesome cuisines, and stimulating local activities.


Conceptualized as a new-age wellness retreat, Namami offers the best of both worlds with an exclusive amalgamation of standard medicine and Complementary Alternate Medicine (CAM) practices that have been proved through science to be safe and effective. CAM includes methods of Naturopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Tibetan Medicine, and other World Health Organizations (WHO) approved natural therapies from around the world. Namami Wellness Sanctuary delivers a custom-made integrated holistic approach blending result-driven non-invasive allopathy along with alternative medicine and therapies derived from an encompassing 360-degree in-depth diagnostic structure.


Namami offers a feel of the Malyattoor neighborhood while imbibing the magic of the forest, where the 79 rooms and villas are designed to expand the local living experience. While Kerala is known to showcase its love of art and design in all aspects of daily life, it presents a distinctive style of architecture unlike the rest of South India. This structural design is primarily based on the principles of Thachu Shastra, the science of carpentry, and Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture and construction.


Namami is thoughtful and intentional in the selection of the ingredients, putting flavors, balance, and nutrition at the forefront of the palate. Whether grown in the area or from our own gardens, ingredients are locally sourced to satisfy one’s appetite and appreciation for the nourishing bounty of God’s own country – Kerala.


Chefs bring alive the best of both western as well as Indian culinary experiences to align with your lifestyle, make cuisines and diet therapies as advised by our team of wellness doctors to promote optimum health and help one develop a healthy eating regimen, to curb chronic disease and illness, leading to more interest in health and wellness.


To support the healing cuisine all kitchens are equipped with state of art equipment to ensure that all food material is received, stored, and processed under healthy conditions. The kitchens are equipped with five walk-ins and one deep freezer to keep all materials segregated and stored at an optimal temperature as per FSSAI standards. The state of art “bakery” has enabled the chefs to bake all bread in-house and churn out homemade healthy desserts that one can enjoy guilt-free.


The retreat offers a host of curated activities like art therapy, sleep therapy, local excursions, and a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment. and several indoor and outdoor activities to enrich the soul. We aim to help one achieve a happier, healthier, fitter lifestyle and be more connected with oneself, Namami is powered by balanced nutrition, innovative technology, and warm hospitality to help one align the mind, body, and spirit.

Welcome to a little piece of heaven in God’s own country.

Namami Health Retreat and A Wellness Sanctuary

7/156, Mulamkuzhy,

Malayttoor, Ernakulam,

Kochi 683587 – Kerala

Tel: +91 484 261234

Courses Offered




The Yoga Institute is at the forefront of yoga teacher training courses or TTCs since 1954. More than 1,00,000 teachers certified by TYI are successfully practicing all over the globe. Our certification is accepted and respected in the Yoga community worldwide.


The Yoga Institute is recognised by the Government of India (Ministry of AYUSH – QCI) and is the first Yoga school to be accredited after the AYUSH -QCI scheme was launched. We are also fully accredited with the Yoga Alliance, USA.


  • The course conforms to the syllabus of Level 1 – Yoga Teacher YCB scheme– mentored by AYUSH (Government of India). Once The Yoga Institute’s exams are successfully cleared by the students/participants they are eligible to appear for AYUSH level 1 exam.
  • This is RYT 200-hour course, fully accredited with the Yoga Alliance USA and the participant is eligible to apply on Yoga Alliance site as Register Yoga Teacher when The Yoga Institute’s exams are successfully cleared by the students/participants.

Yoga Retreat Pancha Mahabhuta


This 5-day residential retreat is an introductory but experiential, course on Yoga theory and practices, where one can get a glimpse of being a true Yogic. It represents the five elements and their effect on the body and mind.


Why Pancha Mahabhuta?


  • Understanding the impact of the elements on the mind and body.
  • Connecting the five elements with Tanmatras through Asanas, Pranayamas and Kriyas.
  • Celebrating each element with colour-coordinated dressing.
  • Meditation techniques to explore the functioning of your sensory organs.
  • Reconnecting with nature and finding inner harmony to correct lifestyle disorders.

Yoga Retreat Ashtanga


This Yoga retreat introduces you to the classical style of Yoga which embraces the eight limbs. It’s all about stepping away from the usual pattern of daily life to focus on the practice of Yoga and regain your inner peace. Each day one limb of the Ashtanga shall be celebrated by understanding and practicing through well-defined lectures, activities, asanas, kriyas, pranayamas, and Yogic techniques.


Why Ashtanga?


  • Understanding the essence of Yoga and its capabilities.
  • Positive transformation of mind and body.
  • Strengthening and understanding the mind.
  • Recognizing stress and its management.
  • Body awareness and overall mindfulness.
  • Immunity building.
  • Detox break.