Level 1 – Swadhyaya

Foundation Program for A BETTER ME

What is Swadhyay?

Swadhyay (Self-Study) or Introspection has been a word that has been frequently used as a means towards Self- Growth or Development. It has also been mentioned as one of the Niyama (Observances) in the eight-fold path of Patanjali.


Why Swadhyay?

Whenever we buy a new device, we always receive a manual along with, which describes the various functions, applications and instructions regarding that device. We are supposed to use this manual so that we can optimize the functions of the device as also manage to salvage it in case of a malfunction.


Yet practically, in most of the cases we manage to end up resolving the problems in the device by ourselves and for the rest, we prefer to take a professional help by taking it to a service station.


In our life, we ourselves are the device which we use to carry out our different functions or achieve our various goals. When we have problems, we similarly try to manage most of them by ourselves. However, unfortunately, for the problems that we have not been able to resolve, we continue to carry on with the same limiting behaviour. Very often, in spite of severe problems, we fail to take professional help (Counselling), since it is seen as a taboo by the society.


Undergoing Swadhyay can now be compared to a process of running a security scan that tries to identify any corrupt files that could have been downloaded, affecting our behaviour and contributing towards a particular problem in life.


How do we do a Swadhyay?

There are two suggested methods of doing a Swadhyay;

  1. Refer to our scriptures (Bhagwad Gita, Upanishads, Vedas, Bible, Quran, Granth Saheb, etc.) that provide a readymade definition of who we are and how we are supposed to behave in different situations.
  2. An objective, witness-like introspection of ones thought processes, as they are; without comparing them to any standard ideal behaviour.

This program of Swadhyay is based on the 2nd method of introspection which can be compared to a process of ‘looking into a mirror’ and identifying ‘What Is’ rather than ‘What Should Be’.


For whom is this program suggested?

Since being mentioned as a part of the Niyama (Observances) in the eight-fold path of Yoga, this program is suggested for each and every one of us. However, since a good amount of motivation and sincerity is needed for this kind of a Swadhyay, it is seen that this program helps those best, who have;


a)  A strong motivation for self-growth or helping others,

b)  A problem (behavioral, health, relationship, career, etc.) or a nagging question that can motivate them to carry out a sincere introspection.


Day 1

First Half : 

Introduction to the concept of Swadhyay, its purpose, types, advantages and disadvantages of the 2 types of Swadhyay.

Concept of Unlimited Potentials.

Necessary elements for a Creating a Better Me.

Second Half :

Stages of Growth.

Obstacles in the expression of our Potentials/ Creations.

Understanding and overcoming Anxieties.

Chitta Bhumis and their role in Creation.


Day 2

First Half :

Understanding Behaviour, its purpose and sources

Chakra Meditations that can aid in a better Self-Expression.

Second Half :

Sharing – to understand the formation of My behaviour. Participants have the freedom to share what they are comfortable about.

Behaviour components (Norms) and its categories.


Day 3

First Half :

Sharing – Identifying personal behaviour norms.

Identifying and working on the major obstacle towards Swadhyay.

Second Half :

Studying these obstacles in further details and understanding it from the perspective of Yoga as our Kleshas.


Day 4

First Half :


Understanding Defensive Behaviors and its types.

Second Half :

Understanding the different behavior patterns and its relation to our problems.

Identifying the ‘Real’ problem from the ‘Presenting’ problem.


Day 5

First Half :

Confirming the Real problem

Converting the problem into a Personal Goal

Second Half :

Understanding the principles of working towards our Real Goals.

Creating the ‘Better Me’


Pre-requisite: Nil

Date – 23rd August 2021 – 3rd September 2021  (10 days Course. Mon to Fri)

Fees: – Rs 12,000/-

Time: – Morning batch: 10.00am – 1pm (IST)

Evening batch: 5:30 – 8:30pm (IST)


Pre – requisite – Nil

Please note fees once paid will be non-refundable.