Sarita Modi
In the days of Buddha the city of Shravasti faced a great famine. Rich people not only hid themselves, but also hid all the clothes and food available.
At that time a girl named Supriya came forward and went house to house to collect food and clothes for the needy. Impressed by her effort and belief other people also joined her and a big movement to fight the famine was created.
However difficult the situation is, if some strong person stands up to the situation, the situation could improve.
In our personal life too we face many difficult situations. We do not have to get upset but rather keep patience and face things with faith and strength. The problems are temporary clouds; the sun will be shining soon.
To give an example, Lucy had a drunkard husband who quarrelled, did not do much work and was negative and demanding. Lucy quietly continued with her duties, keeping herself busy, tackling the problems which could be tackled and leaving the rest to God; strongly and happily living her life. In course of time Lucy became a model for the neighbourhood and the husband improved.
Published in the June 2011 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine
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