Makarasana – The Crocodile Posture


Quote: “As you consciously relax your mind you gain a sense of achievement.”

At the Yoga Institute, we teach various types of pranayamas and asanas. These include sitting, standing and lying down asanas, they also include relaxation and breathing techniques.

Makarasana commonly known as the crocodile pose is an extremely effective in relaxing your mind while making it alert. As we learn from nature, the most important quality of a crocodile is that it is always conscious. Though it seems to be sleeping, the moment it smells the prey or danger it will become aware and act. This is exactly the quality we achieve when we practice Makarasana regularly.

This asana comes under the category of relaxation asanas and it is an effective technique to overcome mental and physical stress as well as calm the agitated mind. One should not think this asana as just a simple asana to relax, its benefits are boundless.


Let us now see how to perform this asana. The steps are as follows:

  1. Lie down on the stomach making a pillow of your hands.

  2. Legs should be outstretched with toes inwards, touching each other and heels apart.

  3. As you achieve this position, remain motionless and let go off all the weight on the ground.

  4. Eyes will remain close, breathe normally and rhythmically.

  5. Remain in this posture for about 2 to 3 minutes.

  6. Gently open your eyes, turn to one side and be there for a few seconds and sit up.


Like everything in life, even Makarasana has its limitation and contraindication which caution its practitioners.

  1. Psychological disorder like depression

  2. Cardiac condition

  3. Pregnancy


Makarasana has a plethora of benefits which can be divided into three different categories:


  1. Deep relaxation of shoulders and spine

  2. Rejuvenate and relaxes mind and body completely

  3. Breathing becomes slow, deep and efficient

  4. Tension from body and mind is relieved.



  1. Relieves tension from muscular and nervous system

  2. Relief from body ache, fatigue and insomnia

  3. Blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory cycles normalizes due to conscious relaxation



  1. Concentration and focus is improved

  2. Induces meditative effect

  3. Calms the mind and thus anxiety is reduced


Now that you have understood what needs to be done, let’s move to see a demonstration of how it is done. Click to watch the video and understand better how to practice Makarasana.

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