Marriage, Relations & Life lessons

Marriage, relations & Life lessons

Well, we all have had our share of experiences in terms of relationships and price we pay…But let’s start off with a small joke;

“When French couple disagree and want divorce it is said that they will head towards the nearest winery and drown their sorrows in a bottle of wine.

When American couple disagree and want divorce it is known that they will head towards the nearest courtroom seeking out a lawyer.

When Indian couple disagree and want divorce “the man” will head straight to “his Mommy” Hahaha

Well, jokes apart today’s topic is on relations and why inter-personal relations and marriages fail and what can we learn from them.

Yogic philosophy teaches us how to live our lives and live well

Marriage is a wonderful journey two people experience together. It takes courage, trust, honesty, faith and strength to let someone into your life. Two people discover emotions and realise how vulnerable both are individually but together they complement and complete each other. Here you learn the fulfilling side of your relation and thus feel confident and experience self-esteem.

You learn to understand each other through better communications. You learn to express emotions better when you are in a relation.

You realise the value of love, sharing and most important you develop the ability of give and take.

If two people who are very different, but understanding is in place it will work out. Here you learn mutual respect. In absence of understanding there are bound to clashes. This leads to frustrations. But if you are observant enough this experience also has some key lessons. You will learn your likes and dislikes. You will notice your preferences, compatibility issues and learn your strengths and weakness. So you see there is no such a thing as failure.

Failures in relations are looked down upon. But most people do not realise it’s a learning phase. Breakdown in any given relationship is mostly how you take things and how you react. What has to happen will happen, but remember everything happens for the best. You learn patience and acceptance. Also, how we take is forwards is totally upto us. Choose not to suffer and learn as much as you can.  I know it’s easier said then done. But that is where Sage Patanajli’s Yoga Sutra 1.33 gives out a wonderful guideline “Maitri, Karuna Mudita and Upeksha” pithy aphorism but very apt. Simplifies life relations with four perfect words.

Important aspects that should be practiced daily that is why at The Yoga Institute we are different and teach classical yoga with attitudinal training in such a way that it prepares you for life!

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