Mother Sita Devi’s Birth Anniversary Celebrations

The Yoga Institute celebrated the 103rd Birth Anniversary of Mother Sita Devi, wife of Founder Shri Yogendraji, in a special function on Sunday, 1st June 2014. Renowned singer, Shri Sukhwinder Singh and fellow musicians graced the occasion with their melodic performance including many spiritual songs.

At the occasion, Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra shared, “‘Mother,’ whose birth anniversary we are observing today, was my mother. She was the one who brought me up from a very young age; she was with us and guiding us. She took us to school, took care of what we ate and in great detail with a great deal of love and concern she brought me up. She taught me many things. Today I am what I am because of her bringing me up in an excellent manner. I give all the credit to her.

I have seen her doing various duties at the Institute, teaching the ladies and handling all the detailed work very sincerely and with a great deal of devotion.”

Smt. Hansaji, wife of Dr. Jayadeva and daughter-in-law to Mother Sita Devi, nostalgically shared, “After I got married to Dr. Jayadeva, everything was very different. They were all great Yogis and I was a young girl. The year we got married 1973. Mother celebrated her 50th birthday and I was 25. The family I came into was very simple. There was barely any furniture. The utensils were also very few and food grains were kept in little packets. The food that was made was also very simple – only vegetable and chapatti and the same vegetable and chappattis were kept for the evening to as there was no time as everyone was so busy running the Institute.

Shri Neriosang Desai, a Sadhaka of the Institute since many years also shared some interesting anecdotes and stories of Mother Sita Devi.

To sum it all, it was a wonderful, melodic and nostalgic event at The Yoga Institute as we remembered a great lady who dedicated her entire life in the service of humanity.

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