Mystic Mantra Chants

Mystic Mantra Chants

Why chant mantra?

Chanting mantras helps to quieten the fluctuations of the mind. It is a handy tool devised by the yogis to turn awareness inwards. It is a simple and easy way to relax and calm the mind. Mantra recitation during meditation is a robust method that helps to gain balance and harmony.

How does mantra chanting work?

There is simple science behind mantras chanting. Mantra chant involves making a sound by the utterance of a syllable. The whole existence and world are connected by reverberations of energy and different vibrations. So sound and vibration are connected. Mantra, when chanted in a specific way, helps to tap into the cosmic energy and opens up a different dimension of life.

Mantra chanting helps especially when you are feeling confused, depressed or even when you want to break negative thinking patterns. They are an essential meditation tool for learners or beginners to calm the mind.

Benefits of Mantra Chanting

  • Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Depression– Mantra chanting helps create a sound and vibration which enhance the channelling of the energy through the mind and body. This helps to adjust the chemical composition of every cell of the body.  Imbalances of the brain hemispheres are regulating thereby abatement of stress, fears and emotions. The endocrine system is benefited and helps to control hormone production thus an overall sense of well-being is generated.
  • Chanting generates a sweetness that is rhythmic. This helps break the normal thought patterns and creates a soothing and calming effect. Mind chatter and restlessness are significantly reduced.
  • The immune system is benefited– The hypothalamus is the main control, it regulates communication between the nervous system and the endocrine system. Thereby controlling important functions like temperature, metabolism, mood, appetite, sleep etc. functions. It is a vital link connecting mind and body. Mantras help regulate hypothalamus function, and serotonin and dopamine levels are optimised taking you the happy or blissful place. This impacts and boosts the immunity levels.
  • Neuroses and preoccupation with self, death, desires and appearances are reduced.
  • Healthy subconscious patterns are developed. The steady rhythm of vibration connects the body and mind helping to generate steady positive thinking patterns.

The benefits of mantra chanting are limitless and cannot be attained just through reasoning, logic and intellect alone. It can only be experienced through regular practice with devotion and faith. It’s easy and its free so next time you are feeling a little low and the mind is free; do try this effective method and experience a bit of bliss within.

To simply put; Mantra chanting is a deep prayer with invaluable healing and therapeutic value that percolates to the sub-conscious.

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