Sant Kabir had no bias about religion. He spoke of self – existence,
spiritual consciousness to be reached by removing the veil of
He did not believe in preaching as this put one on a higher pedestal.
One’s life should be an example to oneself.
Guru Nanak spearheaded the concept of spiritual reality, devoid of
attributes. Such trends begin from 14th century with Jayadev, Trilokana,
Namadwa, Ramananda, Raidas, Kamal Dhanna etc.
Like the transcendental, ecstatic union with the deity, contemplation
and communion, consciousness of beyond, following the real (from
Abl-al-Haqq, exalted state of consciousness, coming face to face with
reality, intuitive apprehension or silent enjoyment with God etc. were
spoken of.
There are more concepts and words like Kaivalya (aloofness), Mahabhava
(great feeling), Mahabodha (great understanding), Mahalaya (great
absorption), Mahasunya (great void), Nirvana (extinction), etc. that are
attempting to grasp what is beyond words.
Sometimes methods are equated with mysticism, trance like deep
meditation, spiritual discipline aiming at union etc. Mysticism is a way
of feeling leading through intuition to illumination. The fact is that
mysticism is subjective. It is a study and interpretation of the mystic
himself and his behavior and belief, thoughts and his evolving
Dr. S. N. Dasgupta defines mysticism as a theory, doctrine or view that
considers reason to be incapable of discerning or realizing the nature
of the ultimate truth and at the same time believes in the certitude of
some other means of arriving at it. It is intuitively experienced
Dr. Jayadeva.

Published in the July 2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.

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