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Nataprarthanasna – The Kneeling Prayer Posture

My body and mind in harmony, I think, speak and act with awareness.

Nataprarthanasana requires complete neuromuscular coordination and synchronization of movements of the body. It is not spontaneous or natural hence it needs to be developed through practice. Absolute concentration is necessary. Nataprarthanasana enables one to achieve harmony between the body and the mind. Avoid this practice if you have any problems with your knees.

Method of Practice

Starting Position

  1. Stand erect with your feet together. Keep your hands in a prayer pose near your chest.
  2. Focus your eyes at one point straight ahead. Inhale.


  1. While exhaling, slowly kneel down, keeping your legs and knees together. Gently touch the knees on the ground and sit on the raised heels trying not to bring the knees down with a jerk.
  2. Hold this position for six seconds while suspending your breath.

Posture Release

  1. Inhaling, lift your knees off the floor and slowly rise up again to come to the starting standing position.


Note: In case you are unable to stand up in this way you can release your hands and take support of the floor with them and slowly come up.


Limitations / Contraindications

  1. In cardiac conditions, do not retain and suspend your breath.
  2. Stiff joints and vertigo.
  3. Moderate and severe arthritis of knees.
  4. Acute deep vein thrombosis, sprained ankle and sciatica pain.



  1. It creates flexibility of your hip and knee joints.
  2. The muscles of your legs are strengthened.
  3. It enhances the balancing capacity of your body.
  4. It is excellent for women’s health.
  5. It strengthens your lower back muscles.


  1. It helps relieve flat feet pain.
  2. It helps to maintain spinal curvature.


  1. It brings about a balanced state of mind.
  2. It brings your mind to the present moment.
  3. It brings about a sense of humility and gratitude.
  4. It creates awareness and concentration
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