Natural Ways to get Rid of Body Odour


Many of us believe that over-sweating is the leading cause of body odour, but sweat by itself doesn’t have any odour. You smell bad only when sweat comes in contact with your body bacteria. There are two kinds of sweat glands eccrine and apocrine.

Eccrine glands open into the skin surface and their secretions are normally not the cause of body odour. But apocrine glands open into the hair follicles and they are normally found in armpit and groin. Their secretions are majorly the cause of bad odour as they contact bacterial zone, armpit, and groin. Here are some easy tips to completely shed off your bad body odour naturally.

Some natural ways to get rid of body odour quickly-

Homemade quick remedies-

  1. Take a cotton pad and dab some apple cider vinegar or diluted lemon juice over the areas that are prone to profuse sweating. The vinegar or lemon juice naturally helps balance the skin’s pH and excess of bacterial growth on your skin.
  2. Boil some green tea leaves in water. Cool it and strain it. Dab some cotton in this tea extract apply to your armpits. Leave it off for 10 minutes and wash it off.
  3. Rubbing alcohol has both antiseptic and astringent properties. It effectively stops the growth of odour, causing bacteria on feet. So, you should apply it regularly. Skin dries out, so use twice to thrice a week.


Personal Hygiene tips –

  1. During summer, take a shower twice a day so that the excess sweat and bacteria are washed away regularly. Use a good anti-bacterial soap.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes so that your body is ventilated and kept cool. This can prevent the secretion of more sweat. Preferably wear cotton and linen clothes in a hot climate. Wear clean undergarments.
  3. Make sure you shave your armpits and groin regularly. A hair filled skin can become the breeding ground for many bacteria.


Diet tips-

  1. Avoid sulphur containing foods like garlic, onion and cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli if you are going through bad body odour for long. Sulphur compounds smell like rotten eggs. Availability of sulphur for skin bacteria can produce more sulphur compounds and thereby emit a very bad odour.
  2. Non-vegetarian foods can cause body odour. Studies show that a non-vegetarian body smells more than a vegetarian body. The odour of Amino acids of the non-veg food can make its way out of your skin pores. Avoid coffee, hard drinks and smoking, as they too can lead to bad body smell.


Mind matters

Your body is just a manifestation of your own mind. A stressful mind can lead to excess body odour. A stressed mind thinks more, and hence there is increased metabolic activity. More metabolic activities lead to more body heat. Hence the person tends to sweat a lot. This excessive sweating can lead to the creation of unpleasant body odour. Be calm and keep your body cool and pleasant—your thought matters.

Do try out these natural remedies for body odour elimination. If you have interesting recipes or natural cure for body odour, do share in the comments section.

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