Nishpanda Bhava

Nishpanda Bhava

‘The drama of the world continues. I let it pass, be still and hold my own’! This is one of the most powerful yogic techniques developed by Shri Yogendraji to inculcate a spirit of vairagya, ‘letting go’. We traverse life to hold onto all and sundry, from our material possessions to our thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes, grudges, regrets and our insatiable desires.

This simple technique teaches us that life goes by just as the sounds around us. These sounds represent life, its events, situations and people who come and go. We understand that they persist, acknowledge them and allow ourselves to move on without regret, analysis and judgement.

STARTING POSITION– Sit on a mat leaning against a wall with feet apart and outstretched. Do not slouch. Let the hips be close to the wall so that the spine remains naturally erect. The hands rest on the thighs, the palms and fingers are loose and facing upwards.



  1. Close your eyes and passively observe the passing sounds as they come and fade away. Do not allow yourself to dwell on any sound but let it go as it fades away. Pick up on the next sound in the surrounding atmosphere. If there are no sounds then you can focus on some light instrumental music but no words as words tend to develop emotions and reactions in the mind.
  2. Do not get affected by any outside sounds in any way.
  3. Sit in this manner for 5 to 15 minutes.


There are no limitations or contraindications for this practice. Everyone can do this technique.


  • This technique, when understood and practised in its true spirit elevates us from the mundane to the extraordinary.
  • It is excellent to develop ‘Vairagya bhava.’
  • It creates a feeling of ‘body forgetfulness’ which helps the body to heal faster.
  • Recommended technique in every type of sickness for the body and mind and otherwise

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  • Ashutosh I P
    Posted at 20:46h, 07 July Reply

    This is close to Zazen. I have benefitted from it.

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