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One Month Yoga Teachers Training Course – Yoga Instructor Training at TYI

One Month Yoga Teachers Training Course – Yoga Instructor Training at TYI

Today it seems every individual wants to become a skillful yoga instructor.  Every other person is searching for a complete yoga instructor training course.  If you are a sincere, dedicated and hardworking person, who wants teach yoga and share it benefits with others than we have a perfect yoga instructor training course –Level 1 one month TTC. We offer both options residential as well as a non-residential facility within the campus premises.

If you think you are passionate enough who care about imparting total health and wellness care to your students through yoga continue reading this informative post. Even if you do not intend to become a yoga teacher even then why and how this yoga instructor training can be useful- you will learn. This particular post carries all the details that you need to know about how to become a recognised yoga professional.

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Officially as of now, there are no pre-requisites or legal requirements for this particular yoga instructor training program. This means anyone and everyone who intend to teach or learn about yoga basics without any yoga background or experience can enroll for this yoga instructor training- Level 1 course.  Many yoga instructor training courses are available worldwide so why learn yoga with us?  The best part is The Yoga Institute is a pioneer in the yoga instructor, and teacher training courses and the Quality Council India (QCI) recognised yoga training school.  This means you can get the double certification advantage from TYI campus itself.  Also, we are one of the oldest organised yoga instructor training programs in the world. Till date, more than 50,000 yoga teachers have passed out who are experts in teaching true classical or Ashtanga yoga to the yoga enthusiasts worldwide.

We offer many additional yoga learning experiences on campus with various health camps, seminars, parisamvad and various participation levels of certification, depending upon the number of yoga training hours finished and total hours of teaching.

Yoga instructor training course –Level 1 one month TTC is a 200 –hours program focusing on teaching yoga to young healthy adults.

This program covers many topics namely-

  • Yoga Asana and body alignment
  • Basics of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy and ancient yoga history
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Kriyas, Pranayamas and Meditation techniques
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Unique techniques pioneered at The Yoga Institute

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Yoga Teachers Training Course – Benefits & Advantages

The 200-hours program ensures a well-rounded yoga education and coursework that adheres to the basic guidelines outlined by the QCI (Quality Council India.)

Our 200-hours coursework will allow you to practice and also learn vital aspects about different yoga asanas; how to execute the poses correctly and adjust body alignment according to your own physical capacities. You will get to practice yoga and its techniques on a daily basis, so you that you completely understand the technicalities of the poses and what they involve. Your personal physical health, poise and strength will advance as well.

You get to learn how anatomy and physiology are important, and where they can relate to yoga. The benefits and limitations/ contraindications of the various yoga postures will be discussed. We have combined the physical practice with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology and to deepen the experience of yoga learning and additionally included how to use the body alignment methods. This is a very significant feature of our yoga instructor training since it will train you not only on the practice yoga asanas for health but will impart instruction on how to avoid injury as well!

Our unique yoga instructor training sessions also include theory and history on the philosophical aspects of yoga, which are based on Sage Patanjali’s Ashtanga or Classical Yoga. The eightfold path of Yoga is covered. Yoga philosophy essentially teaches how to live in harmony with ourselves and others.  During these philosophy sessions all the doubts, problems and questions that can arise within you are answered by Smt Hansaji ( you will find a new zest for life and living and you will experience a change as to how you have been living so far and what permanent changes you want and can finally make in your life.)

The practice of Pranayama (or breathing techniques) is an essential part of yoga instructor training program. Your breath affects your physical, thinking process, emotional aspect and mental health. This in-depth study and practice are covered during this coursework.

Throughout the 200- hours of yoga instructor training, you will engage yourself in yoga thoroughly. You will genuinely forge a deep connect with classmates and have memories that last a lifetime. Along the yoga journey, the trainers will guide you on how to judge and correct student into the proper yoga poses, and this comprises the use of props and/or precise oral cues.

Yoga learning does not end there. In fact, at the end of the yoga instructor training course, you will come to realise that 200 hours is just the beginning of your yoga journey.

How do I get a dual yoga certification?

On successful completion of Yoga instructor training course –Level 1 one month TTC, i.e. 200 –hours program you will have to give multiple choice theory paper and practical exams on demonstrating yoga techniques learnt as well as how you will instruct your students. So theory and practical exams will be conducted on The Yoga Institute campus itself.

For Level 1 QCI (Quality Council India) certification you need to register online, and a multiple choice exam has to be given. TYI teachers will provide the required assistance and support to register and give the exams online.

Will a one-month yoga instructor training program (TTC) completion make me a great yoga teacher?

One month TTC yoga training program is generally the first step towards becoming a yoga teacher. Upon completing our TTC training course, most individuals are somewhat surprised and realise they know so little about this universal subject! Yes, our teacher training will provide you with the required knowledge, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To truly become a great Yoga teacher, you will have to be dedicated, hardworking and sincere in exploring yoga through keeping yourself updated with relevant workshops, reading books and timely upgrading your personal yoga learning. Yoga is an incredibly broad subject, and it is not limited to the practice of only the asanas. Yoga is deeply rooted in spiritual growth, and no establishment can stamp consciousness growth or spiritual learning.


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