Overcoming fear with faith

Overcoming fear with faith

What are the most common fears we face in everyday life? Fear of failure, fear of being alone, fear of being judged, fear of insult, and fear of emotional pain! Let us understand some common fears we have and how yoga can help in overcoming these fears.

                                                     Let Go of all fears in life. Faith is the answer

  • Fear of Failure arises due to the fallacy that everything has to be perfect and 100% fruitful. Focus on giving everything a 100 % of your efforts and leave the result to GOD.
  • Fear of Being Judged comes from the deep-set need for constant approval. Parents should be careful since this kind of fear develops during childhood.
  • Fear of Emotional Pain and suffering stems from wanting to avoid negative consequences of your actions.
  • Fear of Being Alone is a common problem we face these days. This kind of fear is generally due to rejection or low self-esteem.
  • Fear of Rejection comes from identifying actively with what others think and say.
  • Fear of Embarrassment is a result of empowering people to judge you when you show that your human-side capable of making mistakes.
  • Abhinivesh or Fear of death or Loss of near and dear ones this is the ultimate fear. What can happen or how will the soul leave one’s body.

The answer to all the above fears is FAITH.

Always maintain a balanced state. The desire for more happiness, joy, pleasure should be in check. Attachment, craving, fear, anger are the areas we should work on. Abhinivesh means there is ignorance – we have less knowledge about situations and things. As regards fears, statements are there in temples – ‘Why fear when I am here.’ Faith is the treatment for fear. All these are formulas to maintain a balanced state. Where is any scope for attachment? What you like today will not be there tomorrow. Ultimately we have to work on ourselves.

The individual needs to have a good perspective and has to have faith; learn by observing the world as a witness. Try and learn from other people experiences of life. Intelligence is another factor. Stop over analysis and overthinking critically.  One has to keep it aside and keep on the experience – feeling steadiness, quiet, composure and faith in the processes that have started. It doesn’t continue, and disturbances are bound to come. We have to live in the world, but be aware and move out immediately. We are struggling every moment to keep living and are frightened about losing our life. Practically our whole life goes away in this struggle. We have no time to experience stability, quiet, peace, where some deep, meaningful thinking can happen.

Occasionally we get into a quiet condition, and we appear to be balanced, but it doesn’t last. It will be a real effort to keep the mind steady all the time. We may admit that it is impossible, but that is the real essence of Yoga both on the mat as well as off the mat.

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