Overcoming laziness

Overcoming laziness

A quick guide and tips on how to beat laziness or procrastination. Organization skills and healthy routines are the key essentials to overcome laziness.

To do list 

Priories need to be set for each day. Before you go to bed each day just take five minutes to organize your day for tomorrow.  Keep the list short and don’t be in a hurry to do more. Remember “Taj Mahal” also wasn’t built in a day! Get Organized.

Break big tasks into smaller ones and complete them accordingly

All tasks aren’t going be simple or can be completed in a day. Big projects example- organising weekend get-to-gathers can be broken down into simpler tasks for each day remember when you were in school apply same philosophy -Unit test, Semester exam, Preliminary exam and final exam! Ask a family member who can pitch in. Set a theme, decide the number of food items and entertainment. Distribute tasks accordingly

Clean your environment

External home and internal mindset should also be clean and organised. The external clean environment helps infuse positivity, and mental mindset enables you to achieve calm and keeps you enthusiastic. Try to remember how fresh you feel once you have had a bath in the morning.

Keep the company of like-minded and positive people

One of the best things that help overcome laziness is the positive company you keep. Optimistic people are more energetic and can help you overcome procrastination.

Set achievable goals

Do not overestimate; everyone has same 24 hours each day to finish work. If you make a list long or put in impossible goals, it leads to disappointments when you do not complete your tasks procrastination manifests. So keep it short and sweet.


Best mantra for success is to stop wasting your energies by overthinking once the list is made just follow through with it.

Mix it up 

Daily routines can get monotonous. Mix it up with things you enjoy recreation is also essential each day do something you like and set aside some time for yourself. Relaxation and recreation infuse positivity and energy levels improve. Take up a sport or exercise that you can enjoy everyday example- running, yoga, walking etc.

Meditate to find balance 

Each day fill your energy reserves meditation is a useful yogic tool that will help you achieve more each day.  Being in touch with your self is essential gives clarity that will help you to overcome procrastination.

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