Miracles used to just happen in the life of Paramhamsa Madhavadasji as Shri Yogendraji recorded. Paramahamsaji heard of a religious gathering in a distant place across the mighty Narmada river in high floods. He went up with Shri Yogendraji to the banks of the river awaiting the boat to ply them across. The boat arrived. People standing on the banks jumped into the boat, but not Paramahamsa Madhavadasji. Instead he waved to Shri Yogendraji to come out. Shri Yogendraji was surprised. He came out of the boat. He and his teacher stood on the banks. The boat was rowed away. When the boat was mid stream, it suddenly started sinking and in a little while sank completely! Paramahamsa Madhavadasji looked at Shri Yogendraji and said, “Did I not tell you?” Shri Yogendraji mildly interrupted, “But what about the people in the boat?” “They were sinners”, was the strange answer.
On another occasion Shri Yogendraji was traveling with Paramahamsa Madhavadasji in a rickshaw drawn by two men in Matheran. Suddenly one of them fell down, bitten by a snake. Paramahamsa Madhavadsji got down, moved his hand over the rikshaw puller and lo! and behold! the rickshaw puller got up and was ready to pull the rickshaw! Paramahamsa Madhavadasji on returning to theAshrama home called for some water and washed his entire hand with it. The water had turned greenish and Paramahamsa Madhavadasji remarked, “The poison is washed out.”
Shri Yogendraji used to narrate many such incidents of Paramahamsa Madhavadasji as they happened in his presence. They were truly miraculous but Paramahamsa Madhavdasji passed them off as ordinary happenings.
Shri Yogendraji and his teacher were at a hill station. Paramhamsa Madhavdasji’s patron had invited a photographer from Mumbai for a group photo of all disciples standing with the Guru.Paramhamsaji was very reluctant but the host was very adamant. The group gathered, Paramhamsaji was in front of them. The photographer arranged the group and finally clicked. He developed the negative. But very strangely Paramhamsa Madhavdasji was missing from the photo. All the other members of the group were there. The tree behind Paramhamsa Madhavdasji was there, the sandals of the Guru were there, the Kamandalu was there in mid air, but he was not there!
It is like being in a Jivanmukta state – the Yogi is free from responsibilities, as if free from life! He behaves like a free spectator. The things happen as they should. The Yogi just watches and remains a spectator though performing his duties.
Giving up the “I” element may help in causing miracles. In genuine miracles like duringDharmamegha Samadhi of yoga, the Yogi does not want or even does not think of performing a miracle and yet they happen – automatically, naturally, on their own. A good person is suffering and we all feel sad. In Dharmamegha, the Yogi sees the innocent man suffering and just this awareness of the Yogi seems to stop the cruel thing happening!
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