7 handy tips to encourage positivity in children

7 handy tips to encourage positivity in children

Child throwing tantrum, anger and uncontrolled behaviour? Some very effective guidelines and 7 handy tips to encourage positivity in children. Children are impressionable so they should be handled with a lot of love and care.  Learn positive parenting and build better communication with your kids.  Quick guide-

  • Encourage positivity– Little children are sensitive to praise and criticism. Be mindful what you say around them. Take keen interest when they speak to you. Compliment them where you can. Nobody is perfect as parents remember that and recollect the time when you were a kid.
  • Invest in quality time with your children – Learn to observe your kids, and you will find each one enjoys something different. Set aside some time to pursue their interest with them. Example- Kids love the outdoors and like going to picnics.  Arrange such fun activity, as and when you find the time. Try to do this regularly. See what you can do to make your child smile every single day.
  • Quality Time with Family Focus on routine, and kind words– Children are receptive and will pick up from your behaviour. Remember as parents both of you are on the same team. Set an example respect and love your partner and use kindness in thought, word and speech.

                          Quality Time with the kids is important

  • Learn to say good things about your kids to others – This is very important. Most of us overlook this important detail. Also when it comes to reprimanding a child do not do it in front of others. Take a look at his/her mood and do it privately when in a calmer frame of mind. Genuine care lies in paying attention to all such small details.
  • Simplify family interactions – Do not use fear, threats and punishment to control behaviour. Instead, go down to child’s level and explain advantages and disadvantages of action in question at that moment in time.
  • Control your own emotions first – Yogic way of life enhances your ability to control emotions. First practice what you preach to your children.
  • Be observant –Any misbehaviour has a ‘root cause’ so be mindful and watchful to find out the real reason. Children are very expressive and have the patience to understand the reason behind such outburst or anger that your child is exhibiting.

Here is a simple household story narrated by Smt. Hansaji about how to encourage positivity in children. Watch the video for details. You will be able to relate this everyday instance.

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