Patanjali Yoga Sutra 2.10 (Parisamvad)

Patanjali Yoga Sutra Transcribed from Parisamvad at The Yoga Institute.

Chapter 2, Sutra 10


Te Pratiprasavaheyah Suksmah

Te: these
Pratiprasava: involution
Heyah: to be overcome, reduced
Suksmah: subtle

These Subtle Ones (Afflictions) Are Avoided By Resolving Them In Their Origin


Commentary taken from “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – stray thoughts of Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra and Hansaji”

“The final destruction of the Klesas is as if through making the Citta incapable of supporting them. In its gross form, the mind is active and capable of agitation. The more one remains in this external animal form, the more powerful are the Klesas. But as the Citta becomes subtle, given to meditation, the Klesas become weak. A man who is in deep meditation cannot become very angry. The anger is reduced considerably. In yoga, this reduction occurs through meditation.

In the beginning, one focuses on a small area that is gross. Later, one goes on subtle concepts and ideas in meditation. Much later, the mind is made even more still and is well controlled. At this stage, the Klesas practically stop. But when a person goes into the Asamprajnata state, then there is no desire to think; it is a blank run, and then the Klesas are as if burnt out. This is called incapability to germinate, or ‘burnt seed state.’ The Klesas cannot germinate any further. There may be food, but the appetite is not there. Provocations which excited earlier do not do so now. The Yogi in this stage is not troubled by anything.”



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