Patanjali Yoga Sutra 2.16 (Parisamvad)

Patanjali Yoga Sutra Transcribed from Parisamvad at The Yoga Institute.

Chapter 2, Sutra 16



Heyam: to be avoided
Dukham: pain, suffering
Anagatam: which has not yet come

The Pain Which Is Yet To Come Is To Be Avoided

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Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra:

“See the pain that is yet to come, that is the problem. Pain that has happened, is not a problem. That is the sutra.”

Smt. Hansaji J. Yogendra:

“The last sutra was telling us that every wise person knows very well that this world is not going to give us anything but pain. Even if with good actions, we get good effect and with bad actions, we get bad effects, that is very clear. We face the consequences of our Karmas. But it’s a long list as to why Karmas happen and why we are born – because of the Karmas, the span of life, type of action and type of nature we have, all that depends on it. So in every birth, they say that you finish only a few Karmas. The rest of the Karmas are still remaining. So we have to continue suffering.

But in this sutra, the point they are making is that in any case we have to suffer for what we have done already. There is no alternative. And we have suffered too; in life we go through experiences and suffer it out. But the pain which is yet to come, can be avoided. So you don’t create new pain. The present is in my hand. If you take a problem as a problem, then there is pain. But if you take it as a natural phenomenon, with wisdom and understanding, if we don’t increase the pain and don’t take things as painful and create an absolutely balanced state; with proper understanding we react to the situation. That’s how we should live so that we don’t add to our problems and pain. So we have to suffer it out, but no problem, we can handle it.

So because of these new Karmas, the problems which we yet have to face, could be avoided. And all those Karmas which we have to go through yet, go through them in a balanced state. So the point is, learn to live in the present. Don’t think about the past, don’t be anxious about what is going to happen. Whatever is going to happen will happen. But the present is in my hands. Let me live it properly with wisdom and balanced state and this is how I will avoid the suffering that may come to me.”


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