Patanjali Yoga Sutra 2.6 (Parisamvad)

Patanjali Yoga Sutra Transcribed from Parisamvad at The Yoga Institute.

Chapter 2, Sutra 6



Drk: consciousness itself as seeing agent (Purusa)
Darsanasaktyoh: the instrument of seeing, power of intellect, buddhi
Ekatmata: identity, with oneself
Iva: appearing to be
Asmita: I-ness

Egoism Is The Identification Of The Seer With The Instrument Of Knowledge.

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Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra:

“This is more of philosophy. The power of seeing, viewing, knowing, is a different thing. When this joins together with a feeling of union, oneness, that’s a very different thing. You see what you identify and that is how our perceptions happen. In our perceptions we see, there are different things, but we identify. ‘I see’, I know it is there. These are mistaken notions, but that is the way the mind works. Just like the eyes, they see, but the sight is not the eyes, but we believe in it. So these are the ways in which wrong knowledge comes to us. And we accept it and function and become miserable also.”

Smt. Hansaji J. Yogendra:

“To simplify this philosophy, the sutra says that what you are yourself – your consciousness, and what you see- the material world, they both are uniting together. So both as separate entities are lost. Ignorance prevails and so we are not able to separate them, so when it comes together, it is Asmita, Ego. The point is, you forget what you are. What you see and hear, you believe in. What you see and what is reality is something else. And who makes me see what is going on? That is consciousness. But we forget about it. There is a film going on. How could you see a film? Because there is light. If the light is gone, there is no film. So our awareness of that bulb which is projecting on the screen, is lost. We are involved totally in the scenes in front of us. And that is Asmita because then our behaviour becomes different because there is cnfusion as you believe what you see and the truth is not understood. Our behaviour changes and we think ‘I, me and mine.’

There is a story of King Janak who was very wise and respected. But sometimes situations come when you lose that awareness and control. Lord Vishnu took the form of a wise man and came and started discussing on various things with King Janak. And he was harping on one point repeatedly to the extent that King Janak started getting irritated. So Janak, at one point in time, lost his awareness and control and got angry and told the wise man to get out of his country. The wise man laughed and said ‘I will go out of the country but tell me what is the boundary of your country?’ Janak suddenly realized that there is nothing like mine. Everything is God’s. Suddenly he realized his mistake that he lost his awareness. So if a person like King Janak can lose his awareness, then we don’t have the awareness at all. And unfortunately we behave as though we are the rulers and that is ego and we expect others to understand that too. That is very wrong. It is all an outcome of Avidya.


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