Practical Yogic Guidelines to beat stress

Practical Yogic Guidelines to beat stress

What is stress? How to beat daily stress? Why is stress becoming a common problem in every other household? How to manage home and work stress? How to relax and beat stress?

So many questions, are you stressed out about finding answers? …Relax! Read on for practical yogic guidelines to beat stress

Stress can be defined as a state of mental and physical strain or tension resulting from demanding situations which you think you are unable to handle.

In an era of competition, modernization and change, every individual in any given sect of life cannot avoid stress, tension, and anxiety in their daily lives. Some measure of stress is unavoidable but prolonged exposure to stress leads to over stimulated nervous system which in turn affects the muscles which may manifest in some form of ailments such as diabetes, high/low blood pressure, depression, insomnia, aches and pains, backaches, migraine, cervical spondylitis, etc.

Yoga the ancient art and science of healing is the answer. Here is a practical guide that will help you manage home and work stress and give your long term solution to relax.

Stress-O-Meter Check Points

Ahara– Diet plays a crucial role. Satvik diet is light and easily digestible. Opt for fresh fruits, seasonal greens and drink at least 12 glasses of liquid every day.

Vihar-Recreation plays an important role to strengthen the ties with family members and gives your entire system a chance to relax. Pick up a hobby or activity which you can do collectively with your family members.


Achar– Daily routines are very important. Early to bed, eating on time, chewing food properly are fundamentals of good health. We seem to have forgotten the basics.

Vichar– The state of the mind determines the state of body and both are intimately related. A relaxed mind keeps the breathing pace steady and relaxes the muscles and hormonal system functions optimally keep all systems in check. Being in positive company benefits the mind.

Ashtanga or classical Yoga

Yoga Asanas – Asanas, when done with Yogendra rhythm (correct breathing pattern) with an infusion of proper bhavas (attitudinal training), induces relaxation throughout the mind, body and soul level. Yoga poses done with such awareness activates the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby promoting a complete relaxed state. Recommended asana Talasana, Parvatasana, Yastikasana

Pranayama Yoga – Yogic discipline of controlling the breath. Pranayama creates a synergy by channelizing the bio-energies or prana that sustains individual’s mind-body-spirit balance. This brings about harmony and peace from within. Recommended pranayama to beat stress Anulom Vilom, Abdominal Breathing (Yogendra Pranayama IV), Bhramari. Check out Abdominal breathing video for details

Relaxations Poses – Conscious yogic relaxation techniques help to tune out the world and tune within. Completely relaxes the whole body, releases daily stored stresses, fatigue, and tension. Recommended relaxation poses to beat stress Shavasana, Makarasana

Meditation- Meditation relieves stress and takes you to a deep peaceful rest. Guided Meditation or Yoga Nidra recommended.

Last but not the least “Time Management” Useful tips

  • Be it work, in school, daily household chores or in your private life; “One thing at a time.”- The success mantra to follow.
  • Plan ahead and write down everything. To-do list should be simple and short and realistic.
  • Find the solution to a problem at hand. It is more important than reacting to any given situation. (Personal experience -pranayama helps to keep calm during tiffs or dramatic situations in life) This will come with practice.
  • Take family inputs to prepare weekly meals and shopping lists.
  • Pack your bag before you go to sleep (children learn from you, set an example)
  • Make it a point to ask instead of guessing
  • Learn to say “No” the correct way. You cannot do it all in one day, be a little forgiving of your own self.
  • Ask for help when in need.
  • Learn to be a good listener and observer.
  • Take care of yourself. (Mind, Body, and Soul)
  • Learn to “let go” of things, people, situations, etc. that are no longer relevant. Just as we clean our cupboard regularly, we should clean our mind as well!
  • Set boundaries at home, office, or social gathering.
  • Limit daily information flow. Talk less, work more.
  • Define social media minutes per day. (Whatsapp, FB etc. Yes minutes not hours!)
  • On weekends ensure you cut-off and tune into yourself for a little while (Take a walk, be with nature)

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