1 Day Cardiac & Hypertension Camp (3rd November 2019)


Heart disease is usually considered to be incurable and something that brings a lot of suffering to the patient. The right approach to cure heart disease is from a holistic point of view, where the mind body and soul are given a fillip to overcome the bodily disability by lifestyle changes. Research conducted at The Yoga Institute Santacruz, has conclusively proved that coronary artery blockages can be reversed or minimized by a sensible Yogic lifestyle. Experience the benefits of the programme developed exclusively for heart and high blood pressure patients at our 1-day Cardiac Camp.


Clothing: Campers are requested to come attired to comfortable loose fitting clothes. Shorts, capris, tank tops, low cut shirts, short and sleeve-less T-shirts are not permitted as per the Institute dress code.


Meals: While lunch and snacks will be served in the institute, campers are requested to have their breakfast and medication (as prescribed by their doctor).


Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm


Fees: Rs. 1000/- inclusive of lunch and snacks


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