1 Day Orthopaedic Camp (25th August 2019)


The 1-Day Orthopaedic Camp is held every month and is suitable for persons with various kinds of back and joint disorders. The emphasis is on strengthening the muscles and maintaining healthy routines to provide the right care for the joints. With correct posture and strengthening exercises for joints and muscles a lot of back and joint disorders can be managed. The techniques taught at this camp help to do just that. There will be an interactive sessions with Hansaji and guidance from a renowned medical practioner.


Clothing: Campers are requested to come attired to comfortable loose fitting clothes. Shorts, capris, tank tops, low cut shirts, short and sleeve-less T-shirts are not permitted as per the Institute dress code.


Meals: While lunch and snacks will be served in the institute, campers are requested to have their breakfast and medication (as prescribed by their doctor).


Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

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