Swadhyaya (6th to 24th January 2020) Online


Online Swadhyaya Program

SWADHYAYA, is the first step towards being in charge of our Destiny
which is possible only when we are Aware and In-charge of our Thoughts.
This is a 3 week workshop aimed at training ourselves to be aware of our thought processes,
control them and there by harness our own latent potentials.
If Awareness is about looking at your-self in the mirror, then Swadhyaya is a
training towards decoding what the mirror is showing us.


Program extends maximum for 3 weeks but may end early if we are able to extend some time for some days.


Those having a background of Yoga &/ or Psychology (longer the better) will be given preference. Those having severe depression or any other psychological problems are suggested to attend the Swadhyay program at The Yoga Institute under the direct supervision of Dr. Atul Pednekar


  • Timings

Monday to Friday : 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Indian standard time


Fess: Rs. 10,000/- per participant


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