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Quick Tips to Refresh Your Tired Eyes


Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is not a made-up term but an actual issue faced by the working professionals of today. In this post, we will look at some quick tips to refresh your tired eyes.

But before we get there, the question is, what is the reason for the alarming increase in the number of individuals suffering from eye issues? Well, I’m sure you guessed it. Yes, of course, it is due to the number of hours one spends in front of a digital screen. Stats say that an average Indian spends around seven to eight hours staring at the screen every day. These do not include the time you spend on your phone or TV, shocking, isn’t it?

Now that you know the source of the problem, let us start looking at the possible solutions.

As always, we will start with the Physical tips then the Psychological tips and finally the Organisational tips.



  • Practice different types of Trataka (Check the video below)
  • Rolling and Cupping eyes
  • Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables
  • Play T20- Close your eyes for twenty-second every twenty minutes
  • Consciously blink several times while looking at a screen



  • Decrease the brightness of the screen to reduce the strain on the eyes
  • Meditate on sounds from the surrounding
  • Practice Pranayamas like Anulom Vilom and Pranayama No. 4



  • Make a to-do list in the order of priority
  • Take time to reflect on the task at hand by closing your eyes. This helps you relax your eyes and also helps you analyse if you are on track
  • In case you are unable to deliver by the given deadline, discuss with the management about the tasks that need to be completed and by when they can be sent


Any work that you do should be done well if not, it is not worth it. Hence if you know you will not be able to submit a task at the given time due to various reasons, it is best to inform the higher officials and give them an agreeable deadline. This way you not only reduce the stress caused but also show your management that you have better control of the situation. It improves your overall image and also helps you complete your tasks more efficiently.

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    THE yoga institute is so practical and helpful.

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    Hey, It was amazing to go through your post, that was really so useful and informative!

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