#Quick Yoga Diet Tips for Exams# Brain foods to eat

Quick Yoga Diet Tips during exams-Eat correctly for a healthier brain

Exam month calls for de-stressing food elements that will keep the students fresh and alert during the exam months. Summer is upon us, so the students and systems are taxed to the “T.” It is very easy to given in to temptations and eat junk food, but please avoid fast foods, caffeine, tea and pizzas during the exam month. Too much tea and coffee; over works the nervous system and stress and anxiety levels are aggravated. Hence, switch to green and herbal teas instead. Adequate rest and sleep are important during exam time. Food is the fuel that brain uses, so stay sharp with few quick tips from the Yogic kitchen.

Yogic Diet Do’s and Don’ts during exam time

  • Consume 12 glasses of liquid every single day. Dash of lime or lemon should be added, this keeps the body refreshed and alert. Vitamin C is replenished and body remains well-hydrated.
  • Include seasonal fresh fruits and veggies. Eat foods rich in vitamin B and iron, since they are important in safeguarding the mental and physical energy required during exam time. Iron rich foods such as cereals, spinach and vitamin B rich foods like whole-grains, wheat germ and walnuts, should be included. Banana is one the best fruits you can eat to keep the mental faculties alert. Consuming fresh fruits in the morning helps to optimize the health benefits.
  • Get up early in the morning and drink luke warm water (2 to 3 Glasses) on an empty stomach. This keeps the digestive problems at bay.

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, low fat food and mildly sweet foods are ideal to be consumed in the morning.
  • Ancestors equated food with brahm (Annam Brahm) practises like praying before meals, eating with full concentration, relishing the food (Why because food eaten with one-pointedness, the assimilation and absorption of food is better)
  • As prescribed in Hathya Yoga Pardipika (Stomach should be half filled with food, ¼ water and ¼ left empty. Try this, as it will improve the digestive system and you will be in a position to study for longer duration of time with better focus. A sense of lightness and well-being will be experienced.
  • Eat on time (do not over eat) Sleep on time. Plan your meals throughout the day in such a manner that you feel energetic. Heavy and meals rich in fats (oil, ghee and butter with refined flour or maida should be avoided) makes you lethargic. Consider eating light meals; 4 to 5 planned and well-balanced meals are a good idea.
  • For example- Hummus and multi-grain bread along with few walnuts or almonds(brain foods) for breakfast followed by balanced-lunch-diet with dal, chapatti, curd and fresh green vegetable (decrease rice quantity as it makes you sleepy) Mid-day snack on carrots or apple and dinner should be very light –puffed rice bhel or boiled potato-poha (pressed rice) with warm milk. Keep it simple, home-cooked, fresh meals during the exam month.

All will be well— Get to the success mantra and make the smart choice. All the Best as you take off for your exams.-The Yoga Institute

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  • Manjaree Bhatt
    Posted at 23:46h, 19 March Reply

    Walnuts and almonds are considered the best nuts with full of nutrients but during summer months and hot weather, almonds are better than walnuts.

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