Quick Yoga Tips for Workaholics

Who is a Workaholic? 

A workaholic is a compulsive worker. They don’t prioritize anything but work. This affects most of their relationships as they don’t spend the required time with their friends and family. The difficulties faced by them are humongous. If today they have a headache then the next day they might face anxiety and on the third day, their sleep is affected.

yoga for workaholics

How does Yoga help? 

Yoga has the answer for most health-related problems for workaholics. According to Yoga philosophy, compulsive nature is not good for the body, mind, and soul. It is good to have a disciplined routine but to become a disciplinarian is harmful. One should slowly get over with such compulsive attributes and regulate it.

Some quick tips can be followed at any time of the day to rectify the problem.

work stress and anxiety

  1. Move your neck from side to side, up and down, rotate it in all four directions. This will give a nice massage to the nerve ending as well as neck muscles relieving the pain. Rotate the shoulders clockwise and anti-clockwise, lock your fingers back and stretch it downwards as well as take it up. This will release the tension in the shoulder muscles. Do it at least 5 times every 4 to 5 hours.
  2. We aim to relax the optic nerves. It’s important to protect the eyes from weakening, do near and far vision ‘Trataka’ at regular intervals of every 1 to 1.5 hours and then cover your eyes with the cup of your palms, to give it a break. Splashing cold water on the face will also relax your mind.
  3. Workaholics sit for very long hours, they end up eating too much or too less. There is no conscious thought put behind in what they eat when they eat and how much they eat. The digestive system is abused badly and thus there are endless issues. To overcome that, firstly they should have proper eating habits. Alongside this, they should some abdominal compression movements like Hastapadangushthasana while you are sitting on the chair. Sit in Vajrasana after the meal at least for 2 mins. with eyes closed so the dual purpose of eyes and digestive system issues are solved. Lastly, crossing the legs and sitting in Sukhasana or Padmasana on the chair.
  4. Stress and anxiety will be miles away when the breath is in control. Watching the breath is the supreme solution to an anxious and stressed mind. Sit quietly at your office desk and simply focus on your breathing pattern. Slowly start counting the number of seconds you inhale and the number of seconds you exhale. Try to make it equal.
  5. Workaholics take a lot of tension. This tightens their abdominal muscles and to relaxes its abdominal breathing while sitting on the chair work wonders. They should enjoy their life and make their frown vanish and so for that, they should laugh out loud and let go off tension. There is no gain and only pain when life is taken too seriously.

yoga for stress relief

Is there a ‘conclusion’? 

Solutions to all the big problems are always simple. You have to consciously take just 5 min of your day which is less than 1% of the time you have on the whole day to become a healthier and happier you.

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