Recent rendezvous -Yoga Guru Smt. Hansaji & BBC, UK

Recent rendezvous -Yoga Guru Smt. Hansaji & BBC, UK

Yoga Guru Smt. Hansaji’s recent rendezvous with BBC, UK was quite a hit. Here are some excerpts and thought provoking take on YOGA the ancient art and science of living. To get to all the details click here.

Yoga is a way of life. It can be defined as a combination of psychology, philosophy and technology. It is a science guiding us on how to live our lives. Not just live our lives and merely subsists; that even animals are capable off. But to live our life and live well!

Householder Yoga is a way of life

Today, the relevance of Yoga cannot be stressed enough. Unfortunately, the schools and colleges are failing to cover the important aspects of life. For example- Students are not taught –

  • How to think?
  • How to feel?
  • How to manage ups-and-downs of life?
  • Even how to take the nonsense of the world?
  • How to manage chaos?

From students to parents and every individual… everyone is just rushing everywhere without any prior thought. We need to decide for ourselves and find a place to just sit quietly and think!

We are teaching the old classical yoga, where the student used to come and live with the teacher to learn the life management skills. We at The Yoga Institute advocate- Householder Yoga. Householders mean they have their own duties to perform, they have their parents to take care of, and father, mother, wife, children and additionally they have to earn their livelihoods as well. They hardly have time for themselves; yet Yoga taught at the institute empowers them in such a way that they can keep themselves happy, balanced, healthy and useful to others in life.

Technology boom has got its own benefits and pitfalls. Today, Yoga has become a business for many and absurd concepts joined with Yoga just to earn money.

We teach and adhere to the Classical or Asthanga Yoga. I have faith in people and that they are capable of identifying the essence of real Yoga. Considering it’s an experiential science and proven method at the Institute. Get to the core of real yoga and learn the genuine principles of Yoga.

Join us at next Satsang meet (Entry is free and open to all) @ The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai and explore the true spirit of Classical Yoga in life. Click here for details.

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