Relationships and realisations

Relationship between family members or be it relationships between people. We all want healthy relationships. Today, all keep complaining about relationship problems and do nothing about it. That is the biggest problem- ‘inaction or no action.’

Well, humans are social beings, and relationships form a big part of our lives. Our relationships are vital for our mental, emotional wellbeing, and survival. Since this article has attracted your attention and you are reading this, we are sure you are looking at ways and means to improve or strengthen your relationships. We say bravo! Well, here are some insights as to what realisations in life can lead to healthy relationships.

Realise that you are mortal – It is said “the day one is born the death date is decided.” It is a fact; all individuals who are born shall die one day. Same is true with relationships. If life itself is impermanent, why hold on to dead relationships? Lose “dead-relationship” weight live a little longer and let other people live as well. Adopt the “Live and Let Live” policy. When you find a relationship or particular people are strangling your space, say goodbye!

Realise that you can learn from others – No one like “know-it-all.” Try to learn from everyone you meet. A child can teach you more then you give credit. As grownups, we have lost the joy of smiling. Learn to smile more.

Realise each one of us is different – Stop comparing your spouse with your mother or sister or other people’s idea of perfect marriage or relationships. This is a futile chase. Respect the fact that each one of us is different and give leeway to the difference of opinion. Do not equate ‘difference of opinion to divorce.’ Respect each other’s point of view. This helps to improve the relationship between family members.

Realise that you are not superhuman – This realisation is the most powerful, deserves more appreciation than you give credit. You are not superman or superwomen with a hundred hands. To make everyone happy is not your job! Have realistic expectations of yourself and others. First, make an earnest effort to make yourself happy, and other things will fall in place.

Realise to forgive and forget is important – We have all heard ‘to err is human and to forgive is divine.’ Well, it is if you believe in ‘Karma.’ Do your deed in all honesty and forgive people who mistreat you or insult you. It might not seem fair to you but do try this way once at least. Say thank you and move ahead in life!

Realise nobody is perfect – Things that annoy you probably are the same things you are doing to others. Best is not to get irritated. Try doing relaxing Yogendra Pranayama I, II, III and IV. This will help to calm you down and feel light.

Realise not to get upset and take rest- You are your own boss and do not let others boss you around. Relax and enjoy good things about life and relationships. Maintain a gratitude journal and be happy.

We hope you take these realisations to heart and improve relationships between people, self and family members. When you become aware, happy and filled with gratitude, your relationships improve. Each relationship is different so learn to enjoy the difference as well!

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