Republic Day Celebrations Galore


India bordered by the magnificent Himalayas in the north, west stretching across the kaleidoscopic array of rich, vibrant colours of Gujarat, Goa, Maharashtra, tapering southern flavours surrounded by the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal and serenity of east be it  Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha or West Bengal. Distinctive environmental and ecological entity fills every Indian with insurmountable pride.

26th January 1950 Dr Rajendra Prasad the President of the Indian Union presided over the Constituent Assembly, which became the Parliament of India under the new Constitution’s transitional provisions. The gazetted holiday, i.e. 72nd Republic Day celebrations galore will see parades at the nation’s capital New Delhi, flag hosting across the country at various places.

India, as a nation showed the world the power of non-violence. One of the most ancient civilizations of the world gave meaning to belief “Vasudev kutumbukam” (The whole world is one big family).

Like one big family, our duty or Dharma is to lead this day together and celebrate in our own unique little ways. Pay attention as a responsible citizen and follow the rules and exercise your constitutional rights.

  • Follow social distancing, remember only lockdown is over (Fight to defeat COVID-19 is still on)
  • Wear Masks properly covering your mouth and nose properly
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – Call of the leader of the nation Shri Narendra Modi Ji – Be careful not to litter in public places.
  • Right to equality- This helps to ensure equal rights for all the citizens and prohibits inequality on the basis of creed, caste, religion, place of birth, race, or gender.
  • Right to freedom- These rights include- freedom of speech, expression, assembly without arms, freedom of movement and movement throughout the territory of our country, freedom of association, freedom to practice any profession, freedom to reside in any part of the country.
  • Right to freedom of religion- Respect all religion, follow your religion of choice
  • Cultural and educational rights – Educational rights to Indian citizens ensure education for everyone irrespective of their age, caste, creed, gender, etc.
  • Right to constitutional remedies- ensures citizens can go to India’s Supreme Court to ask for enforcement or protection against violation of their fundamental rights.
  • Right against exploitation- Condemn human trafficking, forced labour and child labour, is an offence punishable by law, and also prohibit any act of compelling a person to work without wages.

We wish all our leaders, readers and loyalist a very happy republic day!

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