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“Not all patients suffering from Ischaemic Heart Disease require surgical intervention or angioplasty. The lifestyle modification plays an important role in the management of a heart patient.” testified renowned surgeon Dr. Ramakant Panda, CEO, Asian Heart Institute. “Yoga contributes a great deal in maintaining a stress free lifestyle. This book can provide useful guidelines for all,” he said on the book ‘How to Reverse Heart Disease the Yogic Way.’ The book, published in 2004 is based on facts and data collected during the ‘Caring Heart Project’ by The Yoga Institute.

The above testimonial is but a small tribute to the mammoth task The Yoga Institute has performed in conducting research in yoga over 94 years of existence. According to the Smt. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra, Director of The Yoga Institute “There might be billions of researches done in yoga all over the world. The Yoga Institute is different in that it has always emphasized on yoga for transformation. It is a holistic approach, a way of life.”

At the Institute, all teachings are based on the scriptures such as Yoga Sutras. Emphasis is on Yamas (restraints), Niyamas (observances), Bhavas (attitudes), balance of mind, spiritual values and non-materialism.

Following is a list of some of the highlights of research work conducted at The Yoga Institute.

Research on Therapeutic Yoga were:

1951- Harvard Scientists and UNESCO experts came to the Institute for research on the effects of Yoni Mudra.

Harvard scientists and UNESCO experts, Dr. Theresa Browne and Dr. J. B. Mllovanovich at The Yoga Institute

1988 –Data from health camps like Yoga for Asthma and Bronchitis, Yoga for Diabetes and Yoga for Orthopaedic conditions were collected. Analysis and results were later published into books.

1993 – Data from health camps for management of stress, psychosomatic and psychogenic diseases published in ‘Cyclopaedia Yoga Vol. III’.

2012 – Research on “Stress Management in Mothers of Students Appearing for Competitive Examinations through Yoga.”

Research on Yoga Indology

1987 – Cyclopaedia Yoga Vol. I based on research on Asanas from old texts and 70 years experience.

Cyclopaedia Yoga (Volume 1)

2006 – Cyclopaedia Yoga Vol. IV released with special information demystifying Yoga and Mysticism.

2009 – Ph.D thesis on ‘Yoga as Mentioned in the Ancient Upanisads’ by Dr. Patanjali J. Yogendra.

Research on Yoga Education

1989 – Research on Yoga Education published in Cyclopaedia Yoga Vol. II emphasizing on application of Bhavas in daily life.

1991 – NCERT Approval of National Syllabus on Yoga after discussion with Dr. Jayadeva and Smt. Hansaji Yogendra.

2009 – Research on Yoga Way of Life and Bhavas as the basis of an experiment in teaching yoga to BMC school children to evaluate changes in anxiety, self concepts and self control levels of adolescents through the efficacy of yoga education.

Find out more on the about the nine decades of research work in Yoga conducted at The Yoga Institute at the World Householders’ Yoga Convention.

Join us on 25th and 26th December 2012 to celebrate the 94th Foundation Day of the Yoga Institute!

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