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Say Goodbye to Obesity the Yogic Way


As the festivities have begun together with the change in weather, it becomes an invitation for a lot of common ailments. This week we will look at a few of these issues and find the common cures for them with simple yogic techniques.

Let us start with a concern that seems to be taking the center stage, Obesity. To understand this, let us think of the tyre of a vehicle. In order for it to run smoothly, the tyre needs to have just the right amount of air in it. If it is too less, the tyre will get punctured and if filled with more air than necessary, it will burst. Similarly, our body needs to have the right amount of mass to function as it’s supposed too. When we deprive it of the required body mass, we are damaging it and the same applies when we overload it.

This is understood, but how does one become obese?

Let us look at it this way when we consume food without giving our body enough time to digest and eject the waste, we make our body like a dumpster and excess fat starts to deposit. This fat is harmful and acts as a breeding ground for all sorts of diseases.

Before we look at the solutions let us understand that we don’t have to sacrifice on our favourite food items or starve ourselves in order to lose weight. You can enjoy all the food you like provided you are mindful of what you eat and in what moderations.

The trick is to start with small tasks that seem insignificant, such as putting off the lights, serving food, going for a walk, etc. If you start to act on these small tasks consciously the others will not require much effort.


Here are some tips that can help you work on yourself:

  1. Drink a glass of warm water every morning on an empty stomach
  2. Avoid crash dieting
  3. Eat only when hungry
  4. Have a balanced diet where your stomach is half-filled with solid food, one quarter with water and the other quarter is empty
  5. Don’t stress over everything around you

There are many simple asanas that can help you without overworking the body. Including asanas that can be done while sitting on a chair not only makes it easier to practice but also motivates you to try regular variations as your confidence grows.


Here are some Yogic practices that you can incorporate in your daily routine:

  1. Parvatasana or the Mountain Pose
  2. Yashtikasana or the Stick Pose
  3. Talasana or the Palm Tree Pose
  4. Pranayamas such as Rechaka or Shunyaka


Head over to watch the full video where Dr. Hansaji Yogendra helps you combat the issue with ease.

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