Self-love and its importance

A cup can only carry little water as compared to a jar. In other words, Jar serves more than a cup. A jar can carry more water, so it gives more. In comparison, a cup carries little and can only give little. This is true with your mind too.

You can only give others how much you have. Decide whether you want to be a small glass or a large jar. Only if you have more love, you can give more love. Only if you love yourself, you can love others.  Love means caring. Do you care for yourself? Do you love yourself first?

Most of the time, we spend our lives caring for others, family and organization. We only live for others but forget to live for our own self.  This life is yours, and you are born to live your life to the fullest.  So, are you living life to its fullest?

If no, then its time you embrace yourself, because living with discontent and dissatisfaction causes all sorts of health issues. Love yourself first this helps, how? It releases loads of Endorphins and hormones vasopressin and oxytocin, creating an overall sense of well-being.

How does one go about learning to love yourself? There are three essential areas that one should focus on.

1)        Self-care and self-love

Remember, only you alone can take care of yourself, and no else can do it for you. We often tend to depend on others and expect love and care from others. Stop it!

  • Start working on your body. Do Yoga every day without fail. Take out time         for your body, because it deserves your attention.
  • Eat the right food. Eat at the right time. Never skip a meal. Eat your                   breakfast within 2 hours after you wake up. Do not get busy making and           serving food for others. First, serve yourself and then begin the day.
  • Give your body enough rest. Do Shavasana, whenever you feel tired and           exhausted. Or sit in silence with eyes closed for at least 15 minutes a day.         Give your body 7-8 hours of sleep.

2)        Self-reliance

Sometimes our dependencies on others can make us feel low, inferior, and low in confidence. Boost your confidence by becoming self-reliant in every way possible. Self-reliance can come only with more knowledge and self-love. Hence, constantly learn new things. Our students from our teacher training course always say that they have become self-reliant now. Becoming a yoga teacher is the best way to become self-reliant in almost all areas of your life.  Yoga, as a profession, can earn you money. You don’t need an employer. Yoga, as a philosophy, can teach you how to manage your mind. You don’t need a psychiatrist anymore.  Yoga as therapy can teach you how to keep your body fit. Yoga makes you independent. Consequently, it leads to loving your life and yourself.


3)        Self -Respect

Accept yourself and respect yourself. Value your present belongings, present skills and present relations. We often value our life from the respect others give us. We expect respect from others, and we start valuing us from that. Subsequently, we live to please others. Respect everything you are and believe it to be god’s blessing. You family, your country, your body, and all that which didn’t come in your choice should be accepted as it is, and respect it.  Stop comparing and do not let the media define your beauty and value.

Life is precious, and you must feel lucky to have one. Do not let this privilege to go in vain with your petty worries and dissatisfaction. Love your life, and love yourself!

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