Shalabhasana- The Locust Pose

Shalabhasana- The Locust Pose

Yogendra Shalabhasana; the locust pose is a cultural asanas–for backward bending of the spine. The final position of this Asana resembles a locust or a grasshopper–a strong flier i.e. the instrument to move is strong. To build the same quality in the body, muscles related to locomotion are strengthened.

Starting position: Lie on the stomach (prone position), with chin resting on the mat, legs stretched full length–toes pointing outwards. Rest the arms by the sides, palms facing down–slightly pushed under the thighs. Close the eyes and be at ease, maintaining the body awareness.

Shalabhasana Pose

Shalabhasana – The Locust Pose

The sequence of steps:

  1. Exhaling, in 3 seconds, raise the right leg (kept straight) as high as possible without lifting the hips; keeping the left leg firmly on the ground. While raising the leg, secure the palms and contract the lower back muscles.
  2. Maintain this pose for 6 seconds, suspending the breath (final position).
  3. Return to starting position: Inhaling, in 3 seconds, gently bring the raised foot down to attain starting position.
  4. Follow the above steps with the left leg.
  5. Now, perform the Asana with both the legs rising simultaneously, while exhaling to complete 1 round.

Recommended practice:  Practice 3 rounds, with pause in-between rounds.

Limitations/Contraindications:  Hernia, hyper tension, heart ailments, pregnancy and peptic ulcers. People with a protruding belly will have difficulty lying in prone position.

Benefits of Shalabhasana- The Locust Pose:

  1. Strengthens the lower back, pelvic organs, legs, hip joints and arms.
  2. Tones the sciatic nerves.
  3. Provide relief in backache, mild sciatica and slipped disc.
  4. Alleviates unfavourable conditions of diseases of the stomach and bowels.
  5. Enhances circulation to the spine and the whole upper body.
  6. Favourably activates the kidneys, liver and all the organs of the lower part of the body.
  7. Increases abdominal pressure, regulating intestinal function and strengthening the abdominal walls.
  8. Stimulates the appetite.
  9. Backache during menses can be alleviated.

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