Simple act of correct breathing …10 Things you should know

Simple act of correct breathing …10 Things you should know

Equation of breath and life is the very basics of existence. Without food one can survive for months, without water few days, but without air few minutes.

We go on living and performing out daily routines without paying attention to the simple act of correct breathing. We take breathing for granted. On the other hand yogis were clever enough to know the importance of correct breathing and that you can get exceptional benefits when done correctly.

When we attend any yoga class one is instructed to continually breathe correctly, consciously, slowly and without jerks. It is ‘the important’ aspect of yoga learning. Breathing is the very essence of yoga that assists us in consciously regulating different biological aspects physical, mental and emotional states.

Live in the present and breath-You learn to connect with yourself and it is the best method of living in the present. It helps us to cope with the daily stresses better. You learn to be focused with each breath and how to let go of past and fear of future. Conscious breathing benefits are parallel to meditation techniques.

Think free oxygen therapy. If people even ones you love, come very close up to your nose, you will note that immediately your response is to step back and breathe. Energy levels of our body primarily depend in a very big way on how we breathe. Fuller and relaxed way you breathe, better will be your energy levels. Breathing in an unhurried manner brings more oxygen and cellular levels of oxygen rises providing more energy.

Better relationships and breathing, how? When a person is angry his/her breathe if you note is faster and shorter, jerky and incomplete. This is a good indicator that the mind is unsteady. Given any unpleasant situation a reaction of such a person is sharp. However, if you have trained yourself to breathe correctly, slowly and deeply; given any situation you will not be as reactive. Most of the problems in any relationship arise due to over reactions or sharp reactions. So, next be aware of the breath of the person before you react or answer any provocative question or situation.

Do you feel nervous just before exams or important meetings? Well this means that your sympathetic nervous system is active and you are experiencing an “accelerator” response at that point in time. Nervous system has triggered the “fight or flight” mode to help release stress. Now clever by design the parasympathetic nervous system is in place to apply “brake on” to help slow down the body; once the exam or meeting is over you feel restoration of balance. Remember those days when teachers and examiners used to remind us to just breath and relax before the exams. So, breathing is the key that benefits the nervous system immensely. Important Tip– Blow out air through your mouth, as if you are blowing out a candle, 10 rounds if you are feeling lethargic. This will make you alert and attentive in class.

Reduce weight by breathing correctly? It is not fad it’s just simple science. Fuller breathing in a relaxed manner triggers relaxation response this helps the body to burn fat. Breathing correctly means more oxygen is available at the cellular level to efficiently burn excessive fat deposits. Think about it next time you breathe.

Correct breathing helps to eliminate metabolic wastes better. When you breathe correctly the efficiency of eliminating the carbon-dioxide from the lungs is improved. Blood has more oxygen carry capacity and immune system is also benefited. This helps to reduce bacterial and viral invasions.

Thus, next time you come face to face with anger, sadness and fear, just take it easy and breath deep. Breathe consciously and take breath to your lungs, to your nervous system to your blood and heart. Release the trapped fears one deep breath at a time and see them melt away.

Deep breathing for happy living…take it easy policy!

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