Special Police Camp on World Yoga Day 2014

The Yoga Institute held a special police camp on World Yoga Day, 21st June 2014, to help spread the knowledge of better living among the backbone of the city, the police force. Our police force works hard to maintain law and order in the city and it is imperative that they be in good health and have an alert, aware and balanced mind.

The special camp began with an enlightening session on physical health conducted by the teachers of The Yoga Institute. Correct posture, importance of a healthy spine, simple and effective Asanas to be practiced daily and correct routine were introduced to the officers.


Learning the importance of correct posture

Following the physical practices, was a short event where chief guest, DCP Harvinder Kaur and Director of The Yoga Institute, Smt. Hansaji J. Yogendra addressed the officers.

DCP Harvinder Kaur addressing the police

DCP Harvinder Kaur addressing the police

DCP Harvinder Kaur, who, apart from her outstanding work in the police force, has been honoured with two President Awards in 2003 and 2013, has been awarded the Chattrapati Award in Sports by the Maharashtra Government and also won a gold medal in National Level Air Pistol Shooting shared her own life story with her fellow officers. She herself is a yoga student and follows a Yogic routine, taking special care of her diet. Inspiring the officers to aim for achieving larger goals and following their dreams and interests, she greatly encouraged them to come to The Yoga Institute for the regular police camps held here, even offering to provide special permissions for the same.

Smt. Hansaji, in her unique simple style, gave valuable practical tips on a healthy lifestyle while on the job. Eating on time, relaxation and physical exercise are of paramount importance for a happy and stress-free life.

Drawing towards a satisfactory end of the programme, a tasty Sattvik lunch awaited the officers and as they savoured the wholesome meal, a teacher of the Institute advised them on healthy diet, specific diet for health problems and how to get the optimum benefit from different kinds of food.

Having Sattvik Lunch

Overall, it was a very interesting and different experience for our police officers and we hope their lives will be much improved by following the few simple tips that they learnt at The Yoga Institute today.

With this positive note, on World Yoga Day 2014, we hope that your every single day be celebrated as a yoga day, because Yoga is a Way of Life.





See more pictures of the event here :

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