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Start Young for a Healthier Life

Start Young for a Healthier Life

Technology coupled with urbanised living and academic pressures have collectively created historically obese youth and children. There is lots of evidence which confirm that exercise is an important key to reduce the risk of major ailments such as heart attack, diabetes, arthritis, dementia and cancer etc. Research done shows, that when you start young for a healthier life; it improves longevity and makes you less prone to stress, depression and hysteria.

Adopting yoga lifestyle & regular exercise holds ample of health benefits especially for children and youngsters. Start young for a healthier life makes sense because

  1. It improves fitness
  2. Provides an opportunity to socialise
  3. Enhances stamina and concentration
  4. Helps students to score better in academic
  5. Reduces heart ailments, builds stronger bones & healthier muscles
  6. Improves self-esteem
  7. Lowers stress levels
  8. Sleep better at night
  9. Healthy children are happier and filled with optimism
  10. The youthful look is conserved, and the ageing process slows down



Start Young yoga

Doing mechanical workouts causes muscle soreness and exhaustion. Yoga suits all and is a very gentle form of exercise that promotes wellbeing without putting your body through the rigorous wear and tear of muscles. When done correctly you feel refreshed and filled with energy after each and every yoga sessions.

Start young for a healthier life with AVAV yoga fundamentals

Yoga can be done daily and easy to adapt for any level of fitness. Nature inspired poses are easier to understand and as young as 5 to 10 years old can be taught efficiently using games and storytelling methods. Yoga concepts taught at the Institute include Yamas and Niyamas the very fundamentals that kids can adopt for better living. Yoga teaches them hygiene, self-reliance and social skills. Using yoga tools essential life lessons about Ahar (balanced diet); Vihar (rest, recreation and relaxation); Achar (healthy daily routines) and Vichar (thoughts) are covered in an interesting way.

Avoid childhood obesity with Yoga

Today kids and teens are spending way too much time sitting around the house in front of a screen. Be it TVs, social media, smartphones, tablets, IPod’s, video games and other devices. Straining the eyes by watching the screens for long hours and not enough physical activity leads to obesity. Start young for a healthier life makes sense. Yoga is a way of life. It has been observed that children who practice yoga 30 minutes per day exhibit lower rates of obesity. Also, so many young children are sporting reading glasses because the eyes and their adjoining muscles do not get enough rest and exercise. Useful kriyas like Trataka come to aid.

The physical (body) and cognitive (brain) development are most critical at a young age. Yoga offers 360 Degrees holistic health- A complete sense of physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being. So wake up to good health with yoga every day.

So start young for a healthier life and live longer. Check out our special children yoga classes. Click here for details.

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