Stop taking things personally!

Stop taking things personally!

Listed below are few essentials to practice yoga both off and on the mat. It is an inherent trait we see with many people of taking things personally no matter what you say to them or how you say to them or when you say to them. Such people over a period of time have made it a habit of taking everything that has been said to them in a negative stance. This leads to a disturbed state of mind. So what is the solution to such a problem?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

People react negatively to even constructive criticism says a lot about them. Remember it has nothing to do with you. Kind indifferent attitude helps. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and if you feel you lack in something then work on it.

Playing a victim is disempowering

Taking things negatively and playing a victim is disempowering this is a sign of low self-esteem. Try to find your strengths and work towards building your self-confidence. Try to remember you are not the centre of every situation. The universe, things, people, places, problems existed before you and will surely continue to exist even after you. Learn to take things in your stride and move forward positively.


Always try to be part of a solution rather than being a problem.

Stop allowing people close to you to manipulate your sentiments and emotions. When something negative is being said by someone you love and care it is hurtful but try not to react right away. This is a potential disaster we all have faced at some point in time. Let the moment pass and give them your understanding as to why such reaction what can be done to pacify them.

Stop focusing on how people treat you. More than often that is their problem, not yours; how you respond to them is your problem.

Try and remember that your peace of mind is central and that this only comes when you are in tune with who you are, what is important to you and how you go on about conducting yourself with others. So stop taking things personally since each one us has been given limited time on earth thus make effort to see to it that you are physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically healthy.

So seriously stop taking things personally! Don’t Hate; Meditate!

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