Dr. Patanjali J. Yogendra

A father walked into his little son’s room and found the boy scribbling something on a piece of canvas. “What are you busy with, son?”

“I am drawing God,” replied the little boy, without even looking up.

“But”, argued the father, “No one has seen God at any time, son, nobody in the world knows what he is like.”

“They will”, the boy assured him. “after I have finished.”

What may appear as a little boy’s innocence, is in reality a great lesson for us all.

Can we confidently say that we have not seen God or felt his presence? Why, when we see the sun rising in the morning, trees gently swaying in the breeze, little children playing in the meadows, bees humming around, flowers, people rushing to work, why for that matter, the beggar at the corner of your street; are we not seeing and feeling the presence of god? I should think painting a picture of God should be the easiest thing in the world. Just put pen to paper and there you have Him. For God lives in all his creations.

Published in the Sept 2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.

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