Sukhasana – The Easy or Pleasant Posture

I relish the feeling of peace and quietude, ensuring it extends to all activities through the day.

Sukhasana as its name suggests is a simple posture that can be maintained easily for a long time. It enables one to steady the mind and body.

Sukhasana is the simplest technique to observe the life force. The spiritual dimension is embodied in the term ‘sukha’, where ‘kha’ represents the wisdom of being in tune with the spiritual and divine forces.

Method of Practice:

Starting Position

  1. Sit on a mat spread on the floor with legs fully stretched out and without taking the support of any wall or fixture.


  1. Sit cross-legged and try to keep both knees equidistant up from the floor.
  2. Gently place your hands on your respective thighs near the knees, palms facing downwards. There is no need for any hasta mudra.
  3. Keep your body erect, abdomen in normal contour, head poised, chin parallel to the ground taking care not to stiffen your body. The elbows should be aligned with your body such that they are not pushed outwards or pressed inwards but in a comfortable position.
  4. Keep your shoulders relaxed, not drooping.
  5. Sit in this position and watch your breath (or focus on any object of your choice).

Posture Release

  1. Straighten both your legs as in the starting position.


Limitations / Contraindications:

  1. Acute arthritis.
  2. Psychological disorder/depression.
  3. As such there are no major limitations and can be safely practised by all with minor modifications like sitting on a chair with one leg folded.


Benefits :


  1. There is a correction of your posture.
  2. It stretches your thighs, calves, ankles and hips.



  1. It improves flexibility of your lower extremities, especially the hip and knee joints.



  1. You are more aware of your body and breathing.
  2. Your mind remains focused and your concentration improves.


Muscles Involved

  1. Flexors and extensors of the vertebral column
  2. Abductors, flexors and medial rotators of the hip
  3. Knee and shoulder joint flexors
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