Summer Camp for Kids (5 to 12 Years )

The Yoga Institute has designed specific yoga sessions for kids in a very creative way. Experienced teachers have put in the required love and care while designing the kids’ camp itinerary. Welcome to the premier yoga summer camp 2017 for kids’ corner.

The prime locations (Santacruz and Matunga) make it an easy choice for the parents and family members. Your kids deserve the best and we offer quality and variety of camps that will suit children from 5 to 12 years old. They hold multiple benefits for kids’ growth and development.

Give your kids the cool yoga sessions advantage this summer with The Yoga Institute. We are one of the oldest organised yoga centre in the world. More than 98 years of collective experience in teaching, training and learning classical Yoga. The kids’ summer camp yoga program takes care of holistic growth and enjoyment of your young one. Cool way to learn yoga this summer and make memories that last a life time.

7 Benefits and Reasons to Join -The Yoga Institute Children’s Summer Camp 5years to 12 years

  1. Young kids are full of energy and the idea of yoga excites them- Their body are flexible enough at this age and they can quickly learn and adapt to yoga asana easily
  2. Yoga is a way of life- You are laying down a healthy base for your young one at an early age this helps him/her to take advantage of holistic health goal early in life.
  3. It is fun learning classical yoga because at The Yoga Institute –arts, story-telling, games and crafts are used to teach yoga to young kids.
  4. Yoga helps the kids to learn different ways to relax and quieten the mind. This helps them prepare for the next school year ahead.
  5. Yoga learning helps them to build a sense of confidence. You will see your kid tell you about different yoga asanas they can perform.
  6. They learn to make friends and social skills are developed. Girls when young will develop a sense of empowerment and inner strength.
  7. Helps in personality development.

Make the most of your precious summer vacation with yoga summer kids camp. Get your kids to a unique yoga learning experience. Gift your kids, health and happiness that will last them a life time! Enroll today and get to the details of Asthanga yoga and yoga asana for holistic wellness for your kids. Check out our cost-effective summer camp 2017 options. Fun and frolic in the sun with The Yoga Institute’s- Kids Summer Camp program 2017…Enroll Today! Click Here for details

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