Five kleshas 5 Kleshas and how to overcome them Sage Patanjali mentions the five kleshas in Yoga Sutra 2.3 “Avidya-Asmita-Raga-Dvesha-Abhinivesa-Klesha” responsible for all our suffering in life. Avidya: ignorance Asmita: I-ness, ego sense Raga: attachment Dvesha: aversion Abhinivesah: fear of death, clinging to life Klesha: painful, afflicted Only through proper understanding, we can outgrow...

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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18th May 2013 - Saturday - Way of Life "There is a very good sentiment expressed in our in Indian culture, "Sarve Jana Sukhinah Santu"- May everyone be happy. It is a universal statement. Constantly feeling that way, talking, acting, doing. Now, rarely do we have these feelings, we do say, 'Good morning', but that is the end. To carry it further, to think well, to do something, this we are not doing. It is worth considering, whether we can maintain this kind of thought all the time."