Patanjali Yoga Sutra Transcribed from Parisamvad at The Yoga Institute. Chapter 2, Sutra 27   Tasya Saptadha Prantabhumih Prajna Tasya: to one Saptadha: sevenfold Pranta: final Bhumih: stage, level Prajna: discrimination, insight For Him There Is Advancement To The Highest In The Seven Stages Of Knowledge Listen to the audio: Check this out on Chirbit Smt. Hansaji J Yogendra:

"This is the final culmination of the state of a person. Now the point is that the person has reached the Rutumbara state where only pure knowledge exists. Everything else is gone. Then there is Vivek Khyati, he is remaining in Aviplava state, in the state throughout. Nothing can disturb that state. And now his Chitta is going to uplift. And these are the seven stages in which a person, step-by-step is releasing or uplifting himself.