Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
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27th Apr 2013 - Saturday - Dr. Jayadeva's birthday celebrations "I'm here and feeling well about others. Its a good day. Wish you all the best." 30th Apr 2013 - Tuesday - Bhagwad Gita 4.13 "There is a description of the creator. Not seen and never involved in our presence and creating, everything's created, the mountains are created , the rivers are created , but we have never seen him do anything. It is a belief. So you have to live on that belief. That there is something which is running the whole show and behind every event. Just that belief is necessary, not to use our intelligence."

Patanjali Yoga Sutra Transcribed from Parisamvad at The Yoga Institute. Chapter 1, Sutra 30 Vyadhi-Styana-Samsaya-Pramada-Alasya-Avirati-Bhrantidarsana-Alabdhabhumikatva-Anavasthitatvani-Cittaviksepah-Te-Antarayah Vyadhi : disease, illness , sickness Styana : inefficiency , dullness Samsaya : indecision , doubt Pramada : carelessness , negligence Alasaya : sloth , laziness Avirati : sensuality , craving Bhranti darsana : false views or perception Alabdhabhumikatva : failing to attain stages of practice Anavasthitatvani : inability to maintain Cittaviksepah : distractions of the mind Te : they are Antarayah : obstacles , impediments From that comes Realisation of the individual Self and the obstacles are removed. Listen to the audio: Check this out on Chirbit Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra: "We discuss the usual kind of difficulties that come in our way and especially in our progress in yoga. We know them. They are part of our character. Disease is one. We fall sick, few times in a year. We are lazy, mind is uncertain, doubtful. Illusions, disillusionments, not finding our correct objective, goal. That kind of uncertainty, we are never a 100% sure about what we do. Various such things are mentioned. You see, these are the obstacles which are part of our personality. Even the best men have these unfortunate qualities. Naturally in learning of yoga they come as a hindrance. Suddenly doubt comes, suddenly laziness and all that. So these have been mentioned as our enemies. Unless we can overcome them, we can’t get full-heartedly into learning yoga.