#Take A Break#

A generation well-connect…yes alright, but other ugly side of it…A whole host of new disorders and diseases have emerged. Most of us are affected by the social media surge, yet we are unaware and uninformed more than most of the time.

Let’s get to a few new disorders and lingo that internet and social media have begot

  • SMAD (Social Media Anxiety Disorder) and SNAD (Social Networking Anxiety Disorder )
  • FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out
  • YOLO- You live only once (Teenagers irresponsibly have fun)

One might think, this is first-world issue, let me reiterate it’s a global thing. New findings from the Hong Kong Universities indicate that estimate of 6-7% of world’s population is hooked in. World’s population is around 7-8 Billion people, so around 430 million people are affected by social media and internet compulsion and related disorders. World Cultures and governments are facing the heat and pressure as well. All cross-sections of society and world population at large are affected by social media mayhem.

  • Internet addiction is so well established that some parents (in Japan, Korea and China) send their teenagers to boot camps to break the fixation.
  • A successful business woman says she gets depressed after five minutes on Twitter and Facebook. The forced pretense and intimacy feels obligatory and pressure to keep up is tremendous.
  • Lots of people, myself included, love these sites, but social media triggers varying degree of stress and anxiety levels.
  • A journalist with a stack of awards next to her name feels inadequate on the social media front. She mentions a feeling of insufficiency and hates the pressure of writing on Twitter. “I feel tired and hate being wise and witty all the time on Twitter!”
  • A man with a good job and a happy family; waits anxiously on Twitter and Facebook (FB)…waiting for someone to invite him.
  • A teenager admits she cries sometimes on the days when no one accepts her twitter and FB friend requests.
  • A woman who was maligned online, now checks FB and Pinterest compulsively to find out what people are saying about her.
  • The experiences of social media related stress are endless. Teens and children have sadly stopped playing outside in the gardens and beaches. They too are hooked or slowly becoming couch potatoes or playing video games indoors.
  • Basics of yoga or one of the most important aspects of mental, physical and spiritual health is –Vihar or recreation. We have forgotten simple leisure’s of life…recreation. Relaxation is often undermined and we continue with our technological obsession and as a result senses and nervous system is over stimulated.

#Take a Break from Social Media -Tips To Relax…Try Today…

  • Spend quality time with family or friends. Play outdoor games together once a week.
  • Meditation for students is vital. Make time to meditate 10-15 minutes daily. Click here for best way to meditate.
  • Try breathing yoga exercises to calm down the nerves and reduce stress levels.
  • Clear basics of yoga (enroll today click here) and meditate from home daily. This helps anger control issues and improves clarity of thought and improves decision making.
  • Taking brusque walk and enjoying nature seems to be a thing of the past. Pick up any activity you like and learn to relax.
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    Thank you, a great reminder.

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