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Talasana – the Palm Tree Posture

I lift myself up; committing not to be swayed by the tides of the world.
The form of this asana and the movement involved is based on a palm tree. The immense flexibility without falling is the quality that needs to be developed within us, both physically as well as psychologically through the practice of this asana.

Variation 1:

Starting Position

  1. Stand erect with your hands at your sides, shoulders relaxed but squared, chest lightly expanded and abdomen held firm but in normal contour. Keep your feet parallel to each other maintaining a one-foot distance between them.
  2. Avoid a forward or backward stance. Focus your eyes at one point straight ahead.


3. While inhaling, raise your right arm forwards and upwards towards the ceiling, simultaneously rising up on the toes in a synchronized manner.
4. Retain the position and hold your breath for six seconds.
5. The arm must be close to your ear in the final position. The other arm is straight but relaxed by the side. Ensure both your arms are straight but not stiff.
Posture Release
6. Turn your palm to face outwards and while exhaling, keeping your arm straight, bring it down through a backward and downward rotational movement. Simultaneously, lower the heels to assume the starting position.

Note: During completion of this movement, your hand must reach the side of your thigh and your feet must touch down at the same time.
Repeat the above steps with your left hand.

Variation 2:

Maintain the same technique except instead of alternate hands raise both your hands together and bring them back down together in the same manner.

Variation 3:

The same technique is followed except raise both your arms simultaneously from the sides, palms facing outwards and the posture culminates when the two palms meet overhead. Return to the starting position in the same way as mentioned earlier.

Variation 4:

With the technique remaining the same, cross both your hands at the wrists in front of your body as a starting position. Then raise your crossed hands upwards, above your head while inhaling. Return in a similar manner as stated before.


1. It influences the health of your entire body.
2. It alleviates various diseases linked to the digestive system, improves the vital capacity of your lungs and quality & circulation of blood.
3. Gives you poise, mental as well as physical, increase concentration power, optimism & self-confidence and increases emotional strength & spiritual growth.


Spinal injury & abnormalities, frozen shoulder & arthritis, hypertension & serious cardiac complaints, muscular and nervous agitation.

Muscles Involved:

1. Planter flexors of the ankle, extensors of the vertebral column and the shoulder flexors

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