Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (4th-7th November 2013)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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4th November 2013 – Monday – Asmita
Asmita is not telling lies this is a word which looks very ordinary but we tell lies and this is a great mistake. We have to reach the highest in yoga and this a great handicap. Better learn to be free from this kind of bad habits. Let us be free let us be truthful, relaxed that’s the whole idea.”

5th November 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagwad Gita 5.23-5.24 “It is one who is able to bear the problems around. He is the one who can take up the problems later on. The foolish person who can’t bear he can’t face. This is an important thing in yoga. Because if you can’t bear then you’re unable to face. He who is able to relate to the impulses that come he is the one who can face. One who doesn’t capitulate. This is an important fact in life. You see we are weak we easily get beaten down. We must be strong internally and not weak. We generally capitulate. This is a fact of life. Which we have to have the strength to bear and not be weak. These are two important words be strong have faith don’t be weak or capitulate. This point has been brought out to learn to face some problems difficulties and don’t be weakling to be a person who gives way. You see in our life this is the problem you see in our situations we easily give way. Situation that are found with people around we are not able to face and that is why they have suffering. Suffering is a result of our weakness. It is worth learning be strong face up and you can overcome. Be weak capitulate and you will suffer this is a lesson.”

7th November 2013 – Thursday – Ahara
Ahara is a topic – Food for which we live. We are eating but not very conscious of what we are eating, why we are eating, how much and when we don’t know. But we eat more, sometimes we eat too much. You see, in yoga we are very conscious; we eat but we don’t overeat, we don’t under eat. We eat the right kind of food, at the right time, right quality and all that. This in itself is an education, and it can help in our development growth, and it can help in our yoga. But we forget that, we just eat when we are hungry and we eat. And in the night we are very hungry so in the night time we eat too much. And these are wrong habits. We must learn all this and this is what we are going to teach.”


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