John Kimbrough

The biblical teachings cover a number of mental and physical actions in addition to the life of Jesus Christ. A close examination will show that these teachings are similar in scope and practice to what we are taught in yoga.
There is an emphasis on action directed to oneself that is healthy and wise in Christianity which mirror the teachings put forth in the Niyamas (personal observances) of yoga.
There is an emphasis placed on contentment, austerity, loving kindness and compassion in Christianity which mirror the Yamas (universal vows) and Brahmaviharas (higher actions) of yoga.
There is an emphasis on quiet contemplation and prayer in Christianity just as yoga is built around the silent and still practice of meditation.
To learn such things cannot in any way be bad or detrimental for an individual. In fact, those who have put forth any kind of sincere, consistent and diligent effort with yoga will tell us that they have become more mindful and that this has made them live a more skilful existence. It seems that God and Jesus would approve of and rejoice in such a thing.
Published in the June 2011 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine
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